Broken ankle, need help!

I'd love to keep working toward my goals while I'm kinda useless from the knee down. Will being in a constant calorie deficit help me lose fat with such minimum activity? Should i focus on high protein?


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    A calorie deficit is the only thing you need to lose fat, so yes. You will need to eat less while you're not able to move as much if you want to continue to lose, although there is an argument to be made for shifting to maintenance while you heal. Focus on whatever macro split keeps you satiated - if that's protein for you, go for it, but some people find fat to be more satiating and still others like a lower-density, higher-volume diet to feel full (like, a big ol' plate of veggies - you'd have to try very hard to top 500 calories' worth of raw or steamed vegetables, if you need to eat a lot of something to feel full).
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    Thanks guys! That's great advice. I've already been out of commission 6 weeks, so I think I'm feeling gross and want to get going. But yall are right. Not the best idea right now.
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    Again - you can get going - as in movement.

    Diet is not a good idea for weight loss right now though.

    What do you have available to you - gym, home, weights, body weight, ect?

    Are you in the type of boot where the Dr sets an angle of movement allowed?
    Some progressive adding of range is desired, hope your Dr isn't too old school, or perhaps your ankle break is different than others.
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    Fitness Instructor Caroline Jordan on Youtube has a lot of excellent workout videos to do when you have an injured foot or are in a boot. I did a lot of chair cardio with her after my knee injury.
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    Agree with those who say this is NOT the time to focus on "losing" weight - that said, you really shouldn't be gaining it, either ;)

    High protein is extremely important for healing - so definitely incorporate more of that if you can (shakes were the easiest way for me to do that).

    I had a pilon fracture that had me off my leg for just over 2.5 months. The emotional side of all of that (and the complications after the fact, and the fact that kind of injury left me with - shortcomings - that will haunt me until the day I die or chop it off) was a whole other matter.

    As for exercise, anything seated and upper body is obviously a free for all. Going on a "walk" on crutches is a crazy hard workout! A lot of house work on crutches adds a level of unique workout as well (I was - well, still am - single and didn't have that much extra money when I broke my leg, so learning to take care of the house on my own was a requirement - yes, it sucked, big time, especially at first, but I'm glad I was "forced" do to all the things as it made me creative and kept me moving).

    If your ortho is cool with it, there came a point my doc was okay with me getting on a stationary bike with "0" resistance too, which let me get that leg moving without impact to the healing bones (or extremely minimal "impact/pressure."