Success - change dinner time (if you can)!!!

bjhallen Posts: 4 Member
I changed my eating schedule and found GREAT success. Went from 158 to 144 in 4 months and not hungry. AND it's stayed off. Since I live alone, it was easy. I eat breakfast (yogurt & granola) and then eat dinner at 1-3pm. At about 6-7pm I have a snack (usually fruit). Thought I'd share. I discovered this while hiking through Italy and Portugal. I've been doing this for 7 months. Give it a 3-4 month try - changes your life.


  • yweight2020
    yweight2020 Posts: 591 Member
    Good job finding what works for you, I already eat my first meal at noon and try to eat no later than 8pm works for me most days I'm 51 lbs down, 26 more to go. Thanks for sharing 🤗☕🍳
  • ljmorgi
    ljmorgi Posts: 264 Member
    Whatever way you can find to reduce your calories, rock on!
  • brenn24179
    brenn24179 Posts: 2,144 Member
    i have a friend who has her dinner at 2 or 3 oclock and she is slim. Might be something to this.
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