Swelling on left side

Hi all,

I started my weight loss journey 2 months back. I can see my right side of body is okay but left side I see swelling / puffiness in cheeks, arms, legs ,thighs.
I have seen the doctor and she rules out fluid retention and blood clots.
Is it normal in weight loss journey ? I am a bit worried ... Is it that I am not taking sufficient amount of proteins? Please reply


  • PAV8888
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    Is there some reason you're suspecting you're not taking in enough protein?

    What kind of deficits are you running?

    Did your doctor have any concerns about what you showed her? Did she appear to understand and address your specific concerns even if her evaluation was to dismiss them?
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    How strange. No, that is never normal. Severely low protein would cause swelling on both sides (kwashiorkor). Do you happen to sleep on your left side only? Maybe it's an allergic reaction to something on the bed, like detergent or mites.
    Do you take any medication?
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    Have you tried measuring your upper arms, wrists, thighs and calves to compare each side to the other? Potentially the light is playing a trick on your eyes?

    If you use a tape measure and discover a discrepancy, definitely pester your doctor until you get a real answer.
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    The doctor had a doubt it might be fluid retention or a clot but I don't have any pain, redness and no other symptoms .My doc even checked near my throat, arm pits but everything seemed to be normal.. She has asked me to wait and monitor for a month or two. According to her it's just extra fat on one side.
    Yes I tend to sleep more on my left side.
    I also measured using tapes , my left arms and legs are 1.5 cm more than right arms and legs.
  • PAV8888
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    People HAVE been known to lose fat disproportionately on either side of their bodies.

    BUT, you said: swelling / puffiness in cheeks, arms, legs ,thighs. You didn't say one boob looks disproportionately smaller compared to before--random example that has come up a few times in the past and which would be phrasing more in keeping with uneven fat loss

    Please note that other than telling you that fat loss CAN be disproportionate while it takes place (and that fat redistributes over time--think six months to one or two years--following both abrupt losses and abrupt gains), the specifics of your case are not something that can be evaluated in these circumstances.

    If you're unsatisfied or uneasy with your doctor's response you (usually) can and (probably) should seek a second opinion.
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    Second opinion
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    fat loss is not always even, so it could be something as simple as that.

    also, our bodies are not perfectly symmetrical. some people are blessed and pretty much are, but my left side is larger than my right. its only noticeable in measurements, not in the mirror or when looking at me, but most people are the same with one side slightly larger. add in an uneven fat loss and it could accentuate that for a bit, until things even out again.

    Did your doc do a full blood work up? Just to make sure there isn't some underlying condition or issue? If not I would insist, or go get a second opinion. But, before that (assuming you are feeling fine), I would probably concur with your doc and wait a month or two and see what your body does.
  • vindhyamvr
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    Thanks a lot for all your replies... I am doing fine in general ... I spoke to my doc again and she advised me to wait for a month...