100+ lbs to go...



  • MargaretYakoda
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    I am currently 242 and I would love to lose 100 pounds! 142 seems unrealistic though because I’ve always been a thick, curvy girl so I will naturally weigh more than that. Right now I’m just focusing on getting down to 200 pounds. Even that goal feels really overwhelming :(

    One day at a time.
    You got this!
  • jayenguk
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    I weight 290 and I have over 100 pounds to lose, struggling atm the moment on week 3 as i seemed to have plateaued ??? and its not moving last 2 weeks at all. I need help to keep going as I badly need to lose this weight now!
  • latinlil
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    @jayenguk - did you want a 1:1 buddy for accountability?I have 100+ to lose and would love a success partner for motivation!
  • zagadee
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    Hello Beautiful people 😃
    Am new here trying to find a partner who we can support each other on this journey I need motivation I have been on this journey for all my life am 50yrs now hope anyone can understand.
    We can motivate, support, encourage, advise each other I stay in Georgia Augusta.but still we find ways to uplift ourselves throughout
  • oliviasophgiblin
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    I've got around the same waiting to lose a minimum 5 stone ideally 7.
    We can do this