Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • forestfreek
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    If you don’t mind someone who’s snarky, loves wine and is inconsistent with tracking feel free to add me 😜
  • Brian10SM
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    Hiya, I had a lot of success a few years ago using Myfitnesspal and intermittent fasting to lose weight, managed to keep it off for a year and a half. Unfortunately over Covid and I'm back to almost where I was before.:-(. Last time I did find it motivating joining the forum and hearing others progress and problems, so hopefully it will work again this time. Feel free to add me
  • fernCWM
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    Feel free to add me! I'm using this app to try and recover from anorexia and ARFID since I don't have access to professional support (explained in my bio). I'm a 22-year old male, 5' 5" and somewhere between 95 and 100 pounds (I try not to weigh myself because it's not great for me mentally). I don't have a weight goal, I just want to be out of medical danger. My diary is public, although I have a job in which I'm "on call" a lot (mental health tech at an inpatient psychiatric hospital) and my hours are so variable and ever-changing that the timing of any meal or snack names is 100% inaccurate; I just log whatever whenever.
  • Xikaiden
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    fernCWM wrote: »
    my hours are so variable and ever-changing that the timing of any meal or snack names is 100% inaccurate; I just log whatever whenever.

    Think theres alot of people out there who do this. lol

    For me its usually don't log breakfast till lunch and that tends to be whenever its scheduled on the board at work. As for dinner its whenever roommates feel like deciding on what to have.

    Just try and be as consistent as you can
  • Katerr1kk
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    Would love some new friends! Please add me.
  • Lady_ovthe_lakes
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    Feel free to add me 😁
  • HoratioDownie
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    I jobbied my breeks this morning
  • Trazzie28
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    Could use the motivation and opinions. Please add
  • Brian10SM
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    Keep going
  • JoannaKh
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    Just trying one more time .... Support needed ☺️
  • truGAINS
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    Hello all
  • C_McMillan2015
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  • KY_Angler
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    I'm always down for new friends!

    I've been here a while and have been wildly inconsistent in logging, tracking and overall success so anyone that wants to help motivate, inspire or kick my backside when needed...send that friend request.

    Just so you know what you are potentially getting in to: I'm random, I like, talk about and brew beer, I play video games, pizza is my weakness and I'm a total metalhead. I used to run marathons but I rejoined the gym two weeks ago...and went today for the first time since rejoining so I've got that going for me.

  • bseymore1
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    If anyone is still using this thread to find people, I could use random friends. I need to feel slightly competitive with strangers online to keep myself motivated lol

    Not being sarcastic either. I’ll add anyone.
  • zagadee
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    Hello Beautiful people 😃
    Am new here trying to find a partner who we can support each other on this journey I need motivation I have been on this journey for all my life am 50yrs now hope anyone can understand.
    We can motivate, support, encourage, advise each other I stay in Georgia Augusta.but still we find ways to uplift ourselves throughout
  • ffcclove
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    Hey everyone, 50 days in (13lbs lighter) and I'm feeling pretty good. I've been heavy most of my life but I decided I want to improve myself and change my body. Feel free to add me 😎 I'd love someone to discuss my positives and negatives a out weight loss
  • mkth101
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    Been on this app for a while and I completely forgot you can have friends on here lol.
  • wolfy1234
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    Hi all, looking to shed some 50lbs, would be great to make friends and encourage each other to kick a** :smiley:
  • attainingperfection
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    Hey Everyone, I’m looking for motivated and inspiring people. Feel free to add me ☺️