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    ♥️ 🧔🏻‍♂️ ♥️

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    Well isn’t this a nice surprise.🔥😍
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    Great view of Mount Rainier on my evening mtb ride. If you want to check out the highlights from my ride here's my YouTube channel. Let me know what you think.

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    NICE @gearhead426hemi ! Thanks for sharing :)
    Loved the scenery and you appear to be seriously skilled.
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    Happy happy Friday to me I was MIA for a bit and came back to awesome love it!! Keep up the wonderful beards!!
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    TEQWAR wrote: »
    Been a while since I've put a pic up - this is from Monday 13th Sept.

    Well hey 🤗 always good to see your face
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    I absolutely love seeing your posts... all the adventures and fun activities you do and how you enjoy this beautiful world God has given us! 😊
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    Here's an older pic with a shorter beard. Maybe 3 years ago or so. I've let it get a bit longer lately.xofoc070sowj.jpg
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    After high school and four years in the US Air Force, I grew a beard, and in the intervening years, I've shaved it off maybe a handful of times, after which I soon grew it back.
    This was my beard many years ago, while backpacking around Europe. Still got it, but it's full of grey now.

    Nothing wrong with silver highlights Frank.. 🤗
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    lx1x wrote: »

    *woot woo* looking good.
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    Sometimes. It depends on the person.

    Usually I like a little scruff but not a beard.