Hello Everyone, I am looking to buy a new mattress for my mom, she has had back issues recently, would anyone suggest a good mattress and a good place to get one?


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    I'm in my sixties and I have had a Sleep Comfort mattress for about 20 years. It's awesome. You can google for stores. They are even guaranteed.

    As an older person I like the ability to change the firmness depending on how I'm feeling and I also really love how lightweight it is for easy sheet changes. It's super durable too.

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    The only mattress I bought was a Tempurpedic from a MattressFirm in 2013. The bed itself is great and has held up well for my wife and I. The Mrs. has scoliosis and dealt with back pain before we got married but the mattress has minimized those issues. However, Tempurpedic has more competition in the foam space than they used to, are expensive, and it's now pretty well accepted that mattress stores are generally a scam so I can't necessarily recommend that course of action.

    I have heard really great things about Casper Mattresses, both anecdotally from a coworker and via trusted sources for online reviews. That's likely the direction I'll look first the next time I shop for a mattress. I don't ever see me going back to an innerspring after sleeping on memory foam.
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    Be mindful of Sleep Comfort, depending on your weight. My folks (obese and morbidly obese) got one and the motor stopped working within a couple years. Sleep Comfort refused to replace the motor on the basis of their weight causing the issue.
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    After 20 years, I am finally preparing to say goodbye to my latex mattress, and not because it's worn out, but because I am moving and my new bedroom can't fit a Queen.

    I bought an Avocado mattress. I have chemical sensitivity and their website copy could have been targeted directly to me. No offgassing! Etc. I can't wait to try it out.
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    Latex at FoamSweetFoam. 10 years.
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    I really like natural latex mattresses, no chemicals, extremely comfortable. I bought mine online at It's a family run operation that's been around since the 1970's. The nice thing about their design is that it can be customized with two different layers of firmness. They also will swap out layers for different firmness at minimal charge ($75) for 5 years. Really easy to work with, highly recommend, although it is a higher price point than other more traditional mattresses.
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    i used to work for a mattress company ( i wont say which one just to avoid any kind of partiality)

    comfort and preference are HIGHLY subjective.

    people with back issues generally do better with a firmer mattress.

    if you get a memory foam/latex (any combination thereof) make sure the foundation it is on is one recommended by the manufacturer (ie a breathable foundation and not a solid foundation). if it is a slatted foundation, make sure the slats are spaced the appropriate distance apart. these things can affect the comfort of the bed but also the lifespan of the bed and potential moisture issues. Do not put a memory foam on a solid foundation unless it specifically states it can BE on one. always ask a company rep what kind of foundation is recommended for that mattress.

    no matter where you purchase, bur especially if it is an online retailer, learn their return policy INSIDE AND OUT BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. Do you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can return? (there is actually a reason for this and it is a good one - it can take our bodies several weeks to adjust to a new bed! ) how are returns handled? Do they pick it up? Do you have to donate it? Do you have to arrange pick up or donation? How long do you have to arrange it? Does it have to be to a charity (MANY states have laws regarding used mattress donations) or can it be to an individual? Do YOU have to FIND a charity on your own? If you can NOT find any charity or individual to donate it to, what happens? Do you have to use a mattress protector? Do you have to use THEIR mattress protector? Learn what will violate THEIR warranty or trial period and make sure you keep within their rules!

    I do have 2 of the mattress lines that the brand I worked for made. One I owned before I worked there. I absolutely love it. Had it 5 years now. The other is in our guest room and it is also fantastic. The companys customer service policies, is where it fails, and is why I ultimately left the company. The return policy was good, customers just had to jump through hoops. Most were able to successfully jump through them all. When I was there, I (and the majority of the other agents) did try our best to walk customers through the process step by step. FANTASTIC products. I can only hope that policies have improved since I left, but I doubt it. It is certainly not the customer service agents faults, we dont MAKE the policies, we were simply the poor souls having to enforce them and be the front line. At the time I was there, shipping times were the single LARGEST issue. Being promised delivery within a few days or a week, and not getting it for much MUCH longer. that was 2 years ago... things may have changed since then, I am not in contact with anyone so I could not tell you.

    I hope this gives some guidance in what to keep in mind while making your purchase :)
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    I have a number of back issues and love our Sleep Number bed.
    I can adjust the firmness easily and best of all, the bed is extremely light. That's a huge plus when you're changing sheets on a king sized bed and you have back issues! It's also easy to move as well.
    I'm fairly petite but my husband is a big guy and weighs close to 270. We haven't had any issues in the 8 years we've owned it.
    I'd give you the negatives but honestly, I can't think of one!
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    I have had my latex mattress since 2007 and it is still in good shape. I find it very comfortable but they do have drawbacks. It is very heavy. It sleeps hotter than a conventional bed. Some people don’t like the fact that you sink into the mattress slightly.