I believed in myself!

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So here is a story of a girl who always had a weight issue… I’ve tried most diets and failed. It’s hard, but this time I tried a “combo attack” between MFP and another weight loss program that deals with the psychological portion of weight loss, I have almost reached a 30 pound weight loss since May 28, 2021.
I’m not normally one for pictures, especially kit a whole body shot, although I wanted to start to see the comparison.
This past weekend, my husband and I purchased a new car, and they naturally take a picture of you with that car… well they did just that! Unbeknownst to me, they posted on Facebook and my daughter saw it. I looked at it and was pleasantly surprised at the different I saw in my body! I shared it with my mom and she asked for a comparison picture and I thought I was gonna have to go WAY back, maybe a year or so, but it turns out that we went on a hike about a month and a half ago and we got a whole body shot. And that’s when it really struck me that I really was starting to change my looks! It was a real noticeable change! I was so proud of myself for the willpower that I stood my ground for, making healthy choices when going out to dinner, going for a nightly walk, and planning my meals ahead, and mostly for the accountability of MFP friends and the other program I’m on!
The bottom line is that I believed I could, I had goals and I worked hard to keep them in line- hard work but SOOO worth it in the end!
Am I finished on this journey? NOPE! I’m only half way there and even when I get there I have to learn to maintain and continue to work hard and establishing good habits!
Another big part of my getting to where I am is good people, ones that are on like paths to mine. So if you want a friend that will cheer you on, add me, all I ask is that you can do the same for me! It’s a group effort to have the mindset and sometimes we fail but it’s not the end of the world, but more so a “oh well” day, you start the next day fresh! 3d240jx312ps.png

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.


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    That's an amazing progress! Keep going you are doing great and don't forget to celebrate the non-scale victories those always are the most rewarding!
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    Way to go!! Your hard work is paying off and I am very happy for you!
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    Such a noticeable difference! You are killing it!
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    Awesome job! Amazing changes. Best of luck on the rest of your journey :)
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    Great job, you can really see the difference!
  • MonicaMDias
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    Great job! It inspires me to keep going in my own journey.
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    Firstly and most importantly, Fantastic job and congratulations.

    Secondly, thanks for the warning - this gives me yet another reason never to buy a new car. I think it's rude and intrusive to not only insist on a picture, but then post it on social media without your permission. Glad you didn't mind it though! :)
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    You are doing great. Keep up the good work. I hope you do something really nice for yourself every week or so. The car was nice of course! but treat yourself to somethng special ...and think of what you are doing for your health. Its wonderful! You are your own hero.
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    Great job! You are doing great.
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    Great job. Very noticeable difference in a short period of time!
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    great changes! Way to go.
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    Wow! You are doing great!