Sept 1st - Christmas Challenge

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After the Summer Holiday I will be going for a new (my first!) challenge: getting to a healthy weight (<bmi 24) before Christmas: 84.8 kg. I will start measuring when I return from Holiday (August 23rd) and expect to weigh around 95 kg, so have roughly 10 kg to lose in roughly 4 months. And I will use weekly weighing averages Monday-Sunday (measuring at least 6 times a week). I aim to find the right balance between restricting Caloric intake (2000 Cals/day), and more PA (800 Cals/day) B)

Starting weight Sept 1st: to be determined on August 29th
Progress week 1 (to be determined on Sept 6: weight / difference

Who wants to join (and support!) me? I'm looking forward! :)



  • kroderick
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    I am definitely in! I have a vacation planned for Christmas at Universal Studios Orlando. Its a staycation for us, but I would like to lose some weight so that I can fit comfortably on the rides.
  • SimpleSimonEU
    SimpleSimonEU Posts: 124 Member
    Joind the group here:

    Group still shaping up, new members welcome!
  • KatLadyLove2
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    I'm in, need to lose about 40lbs by Christmas. Will still have more lbs to lose, but, would be much healthier and on my way to a new healthier me.
  • SimpleSimonEU
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    Great to see that already 9 people joined the group for this challenge. Still open to join for at least one more week!
  • mtngrl
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    I am back on MFP from a long absence. I sent a message to join the group to get ready for the challenge. Waiting to hear if I am accepted.
  • kales71
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    I would really like to be part of this challenge. I’m new to my fitness pal so hope I am doing this right .
  • SavannahS2016
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    I'm in been stopping and starting all summer 😭 ready to get started would love to lose 47.8lbs even though it's a high number anything close will be amazing 🎄🦌⛄
  • ellie3285
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    Looks like a great challenge although I can’t believe Christmas is only 4 months away
  • jan110144
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    I'm in! Restarted MFP a month ago dedicated to losing Covid weight. If I can stay on track, I should be able to make goal right around Christmas. This challenge is perfect for me.
  • ca33yw3h
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    I'm all for it! Just what I've been looking for.
  • overcomer0309
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    I’m back on mfp after a long absence and want to get started again.
  • buterfree
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    I want to join
  • chublet25
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    I'm hoping to reach my target weight by Christmas, so I'd love to join this challenge to keep me motivated. Perfect timing!
  • azinn01
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    I would love to join this challenge 💜
  • donnasteel1
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    I'm in, need some help to keep me on track
  • rockyla
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    I’m in! Super excited to join this group/challenge.
  • jan110144
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    edited August 2021
    I started this challenge with my weigh-in day (Wed) this past week. My first real challenge happened yesterday ... birthday party/dinner with a group of friends. Planned ahead, took a small portion of everything (including the cake!), and logged everything very conservatively. Ended day within calorie allowance🙂. Very pleased with myself! (Did not feel deprived at all). Having a day like this and not having it derail me for a day or two is major for me! Good practice for the next two weeks ... a day trip scheduled for next Sat and a weekend trip the week after. Will get a chance to see if yesterday was an accident or if I can do it again (and again)!
  • kimlp20
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    First time doing a challenge like this, do we post stuff like weekly weigh ins and achievements/struggles on here?
  • jan110144
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    kimlp20 wrote: »
    First time doing a challenge like this, do we post stuff like weekly weigh ins and achievements/struggles on here?

    Sounds perfect to me!
  • deepwoodslady
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    I would love to lose 20 more pounds by Christmas. I post both my actual scale weights along with my trend weights. links right to my fitbit and helps me keep track of my trends. Thanks for offering this challenge.