Video game recs?

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Haii ik it isn't health related but I'd love video game recs if anyone has any!!!
Games I've played/enjoyed: persona 5 royal, persona 4 golden, psychonauts, rayman (all), luigis mansion, ANYTHING mario related, minecraft, animal crossing new leaf, sonic colors, jet set radio, catherine full-body, the world ends with you, kingdom hearts, Bayonetta, parappa the rapper, legend of Zelda, pokemon, nintendogs, kid icarus uprising, danganronpa, yttd

I'd love any suggestions!!! :3!! I'm open to try any series really!!!


  • Joeyd727
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    -Shovel knight,
    -hollow knight
    -it takes two (if u have a coop friend) should be game of the year.
    -rogue legacy
    -dust:an elysian tale
  • NerdyScienceGrl
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    My preference in games are ARPG, Survival, FPS — like, Diablo 3, Path of Exile, Conan Exiles, Valheim, Overwatch, Destiny 2…. But haven’t been playing anything lately.

  • owieprone
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    Skyrim, spyro, crash bandicoot.

    Skyrim got me through lockdown.