What do you say to yourself when you get a craving or don't want to exercise?

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Just wondering what others say to themselves when they get a craving or don't want to exercise?

I say if I keep giving in to my cravings I will just get heavier and heavier.

With exercise I say my heart needs me to exercise.

Anyone one else have some helpful short and sharp phrases to stay on track?


  • snowflake954
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    I don't talk to myself about it. Exercise is habit--I just do it.

    Cravings--I just have a little or not, log it and move on. If you have, for instance, 1500 cal a day and you want 1000 cal of cake, just log it and deal with the consequences. You'll only have 500 cal for the rest of the day unless you exercise for hours. That's why you log.
  • Machka9
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    Cravings -- in order for me to fulfil a craving for a chocolate bar, for example, I would have to go out and locate one. That's just too much bother. In order for me to fulfil the craving for chocolate cake I have right now, I would have to get home, find a recipe, hope I have the ingredients or go shopping and then make one. Way too much effort.

    Exercise is part of my day. I walk as transportation.
  • Lietchi
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    I don't get many real, hard cravings, because I eat my favorite foods regularly. But depending on what the craving is, I work it in as an evening snack or plan it as dinner one of the upcoming days (if the craving lasts that long).

    I don't have a rigid exercise schedule, but I do aim for a certain regularity in frequency to avoid backsliding performance wise. Depending on why I don't want to exercise (just not feeling like it, feeling tired, feeling unwell,...), I will simply do it anyway or I will tell myself do to at least a short workout (which might still turn out to be a long workout, once I get going) or postpone the workout till the next day.

    I don't have phrases I tell myself, except perhaps one where food intake is concerned (going over my calorie goal): is it really worth it? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    cravings - if i have room for it, or can make room for it, ill have it, if its something i have in the house. if its something i DONT, ill generally plan to get it next time im out (i will not usually go to the effort to go out right then to get anything. way too much effort). i will not put it on my list. if i remember - chances are, i really DID want it. if not - it was fleeting and i did not really want it.

    exercise - due to medications and wonky side effects theyve had on HR and BP in relation to cardio, I havent been allowed to workout most of this year. so, its been a moot point. but typically, its a habit. and one that, in general, I enjoy for the most part. I only 'made' myself do it 2-3 days a week, but most of the time did more. I had days where I had to do it, because i knew other days that week I would not be able to, and invaiably they would be days when I didnt FEEL like it- for whatever reason- but as long as i was not truly SICK or contagious, it was a matter of making myself go. no different than you make yourself go to work when you dont FEEL like it. just something you have to do.
  • COGypsy
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    When it comes to cravings, I have a three day rule. If I still want something after 3 days, then I go for it and just work it into my day/week. Best example, one of the walking routes my dog and I take goes behind a supermarket. Some days we walk by and they're frying chicken for the deli. Or doughnuts for the bakery. In that moment....heck, for a good part of the afternoon, all I want in the world is hot and fresh golden fried tasty goodness. By dinnertime, the mood has passed and I'm glad I didn't cave. But sometimes I'm still thinking about fried chicken a few day later. At that point, I order some Popeye's and enjoy every bite and just plan my calories around that.

    Exercise for me is just an obligation that I meet. I can't honestly say I've ever felt like exercising, so I just do it and then it's done for the day. I try not to think much about whether I want to or not.
  • cwolfman13
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    I don't really get much in the way of food cravings. Like pizza is something I crave and enjoy, but we have pizza night once per week...usually on Wed or Fri so I know it's coming and something to look forward to. I eat well for the most part, but "naughty" I have no problem fitting in at some point in a given week.

    Most of my exercise is recreational activity that I enjoy, so it's not very often that I don't want to go do it. Most of my exercise is cycling, mountain biking, and walking my dog. I do something pretty much everyday, even if it's just getting my dog out for a walk. I typically feel "off" when my schedule gets overly crowded and I'm unable to get out and do something. I don't particularly enjoy being cooped up and sitting around...I do enough sitting at work, so getting outside to move feels really good. I only have three of what I would consider "workouts" per week. Two days in the weight room and one spin class. I do these over my lunch break as the gym is right around the corner from my office and it's a nice way to break up the day.

    The only time I really don't do anything is if I'm ill or my schedule is jammed and I don't have the time...and on the rare occasion that the weather is extraordinarily foul.
  • kshama2001
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    Exercise is a habit. I get antsy if I haven't started by my usual time.

    I will exercise more to fit in a high calorie treat.
  • MaggieGirl135
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    Cravings - I can’t really help here. I don’t think I get them; is that an oddity? Different foods sound good at different times and sometimes I eat them then and sometimes not. I think it is more availability related than anything else.

    Exercise - I never want to exercise, but almost always enjoy it while doing it (and glad when it is done). The key for me is doing it first thing in the morning. I walk with my husband in our neighborhood for 3 miles (with elevation change, hello Rocky Mountains). Having an exercise buddy also makes you feel obligated to get going. And then we use our BowFlex weight machine (obviously not at the same time). I add in stretching/yoga too. It’s pretty much a given that if the afternoon rolls around, it won’t happen for either of us. FYI, we are definitely morning people. Also, I (have to) remind myself often of this: You’re retired, you have the time!!! So, even with it an enjoyable habit, pushing yourself may be necessary. Although Nike is not my sneaker brand of choice, their motto is a good one: Just do it!
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    The same thing I say to myself when I see an expensive gadget or device (I'm a technology freak): Is it worth the money? do I really want it enough that I'm willing to sacrifice something else for it? Am I willing to take on extra work/dip into my savings for it? If any of the above is a no, then I don't want it enough.

    As for exercise, I just do it because if I don't my calorie allowance tanks, and I love food, so not exercising is not an option unless I'm forced because of an injury. With work, sometimes I do the bare minimum for a comfortable lifestyle, other times I take on extra work/harder/tighter deadline projects that pay higher when I'm willing or when I really want something that I need to save up for. Same with exercise, I do just enough to eat comfortably, and sometimes I'm willing to do more for one reason or another so I do more, either to save up for something or just because I'm willing to (the calories go "in the bank" in this case).
  • GummiMundi
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    I don't say anything. I pretend I never heard me to begin with, that way I don't have to respond to myself. If that makes sense. :D
  • Miz_Owl
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    I was just tested and I am prediabetes so if I get a craving I have to remember I have a chance to reverse it before it's too late .
  • SilverJem77
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    I eat what I want, I just keep it within my calorie goals or, at the very least, I make sure to not go above my maintenance calorie goals.

    As far as exercise goes, right now I just try to go for a few small walks a week.

    I've had quite a few life-changing events happen since July, so right now my focus is just on logging every day (even if I go over). Between January 1 and mid July of this year, I lost about 40 pounds, but was trying to lose 2 pounds week (1200 calories day/exercising for 30-90 minutes most days), but it wasn't sustainable. In late July my grandma died and I made a major career change. Since that time, I've upped my calories to a goal for losing 1 pound a week and I just exercise when I can. I've actually still lost an additional 11 pounds since relaxing my diet/exercise routine.

    I've shared all of that to say, don't worry about "fighting" cravings, just make choices that keep you within your calorie goals. And while exercise is an important part of wellness, it isn't necessarily an essential part of weightloss. (Notice the distinction between the two.)

    Anyhow, that's just my 2 cents. Best of luck to you!
  • wunderkindking
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    I'm within my maintenance range now, but all the way along the journey from obese to here... if it was a real craving, I ate it.

    An impulse desire to eat a thing? That I'll have a little mental talk of the 'is this worth it/will you regret it later/you don't really want this, it's just here', about and usually walk away from.

    Actual CRAVING? As in a strong desire for a specific food? Something that sticks around for a while, as opposed to because I saw the food or remembered it existed?

    ...I'm just going to eat it.

    I learned a long time ago that trying to deny those didn't work and trying to 'eat something healthy instead' just meant that I was still going to eat the craving but now I also have the calorie of the 92 low calorie/healthy things I tried to eat to make the craving go away.
  • Go_Deskercise
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    Cravings: I usually have just a little bit depending on what it is and how bad I want it

    Exercise: Knowing how good I feel afterwards is a good motivator for me. My inner struggle this morning was that I was tired but I had to get up and let the dogs out and feed them. So I got up, tended to my doggies, made myself some coffee and then changed into workout clothes and got on my treadmill. Once I got going, it wasn't so bad. Only got a mile in before needing to take a shower and get to work, but it's a mile I might not have done if I let my brain talk me into sitting on the couch.
  • Beverly2Hansen
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    With exercise I tell myself I'll shorten the walk to about 50% if I'm unable to keep it up. I don't actually end up working out less once I start I'm able to complete unless I'm very sick. With food I struggle. Right now I'm just telling myself that's my real battle not a workout. I have begun drinking tea which really helps to lower my appetite a bit. Today I logged 2 chocolate muffins. My dinner plans will be changed by this but hey... I did what I did.