I fell now it is time to get back up

I'm a 49 soon to be 50 and I would like to make it into my 50 healthy and fit and weighing 175. I'm courantly weighing in at 207lbs. For March 25 2022.


  • nerdiemcgee27
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    You can do it!
  • goal06082021
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    32 lbs in 25 weeks will be challenging, but probably not impossible, as long as you're diligent and disciplined and stick to your calorie budget.

    If you aren't already:

    - Get a food scale, weigh EVERYTHING you eat and drink.
    - Log EVERYTHING you eat and drink, make sure you choose accurate database entries.
    - If you do purposeful exercise, eat back at least some of those calories; your body needs fuel!
    - Hydrate!!!
    - Trust the process and have patience.

    Good luck!
  • showjumper
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    We are very similar!!! <3
  • Toronto6fan
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    I started the year at 185 and am now at 160 and still slowly losing. Turned 50 this summer. You can do it.