100lbs to lose before I'm 60!

Hey everyone! I'm new to calories having been a WW for like forever. I'm a 59 year old woman with a lot of weight to lose, and in need of like minded friends so that we can encourage each other.
I turn 60 next May, when I will also be going on my first ever cruise with my daughter, son in law and 4 year old granddaughter. At the moment I can just about manage to walk around my living room, let alone round an interesting city! I want to have lost enough weight by then to keep up with a 4 year old, so any potential friends please add me, male or female, so we can help each other on our journey to wellness ❤️


  • booboo1000
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    Hi! Sounds like you want fast results. I think many people here will tell you slow but steady wins the race. Set small goals, maybe 10 pounds every 2 months. Log your food. Wear supportive shoes to make your walks as comfortable as you can. Celebrate your victories.

    I’m only 5’2”, so 1200 calories a day was a good goal for me until I lost most of the weight. Use the program to determine the best for you, given your age, weight, and activity level.

    You probably have a good idea of foods to choose from your time with WW. My strategy was to make sure I had good fiber every meal, with oatmeal every morning, measured beans or lentils every lunch and most dinners, and plenty of vegetables. Almost no red meats but good fats from nuts, seeds, and fish. Occasional skinless chicken. Cabbage based salads with homemade vinaigrette with extra-virgin olive oil.

    Best, Boo
  • Thank you so much, that is very helpful 😊
  • Louisefen
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    I think you have a wonderful reason to get fit and healthy, which is what this is all about. Your mindset resonated with me, because I'm turning 50 next September, if I can't lose the whole hundred by then, I'll be happy if I'm close. And definitely happy to have my old, energetic self back.
  • Zinka61
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    You can make a lot of progress by next May!