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Suggestions helpful

Waynesbororn Posts: 1 Member
edited October 5 in Getting Started
I am a retired RN but have multiple health problems. Fibromyalgia, 4 herniated discs, and myalgia, along with thyroid problems, fatty liver from weight gain, and chronic pain. I need to lose from 148 back to 120-125. I have difficulty with exercise. I do not usually eat breakfast or lunch. Have many been successful with this weight loss program. I have always watched what I ate and dont eat much usually but cannot lose weight. I drink mostly water, tea occasionally. Any suggestions helpful.


  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 22,350 Member
    I've been successful with calorie counting with MFP, trying to hit sound nutritional targets alongside my calorie goal. I lost from class 1 obese to a healthy weight back in 2015-16 at age 59-60, while hypothyroid, and have maintained a healthy weight since. (I'm 65 now.) I didn't change my exercise levels to lose weight (though I had been active for around 12 years while obese, and stayed active.) I'm now maintaining around 125 pounds at 5'5".

    This is a good source of information about hypothyroidism and weight loss:


    It was written by a former MFP-er, a scientist in the field, himself hypothyroid, who lost weight via calorie counting.

    With apologies, I can't speak with experience to any of your other health challenges, but hope this may be at least a little helpful.

    Wishing you success!