Diet Breaks - Why are they important.. my experience.

28 yrs old male here, starting cutting calories 21st April 2021. Back then I weighed 135kg now I weigh 105kg so I lost 30kg in 5.5 months, and although this doesn't make me a certified dietician I can at least attest and suggest, help others do as I did. That being said, I still have a long way to go, I'm only half way. Ideal weight for me is 75-80kg so I need to lose at least 25kg more.

What are diet breaks?
Diet breaks are a period of time where you stop dieting and eat normal.

What is a weight loss plateau?
A weight loss plateau is when you're stuck for 3 weeks, sometimes for months at the same weight and the scale doesn't seem to be going down.

Have you ever plateaued?
Yes, twice in six months. First time I waited it out but second time I took a diet break. A 3-week long diet break during September.

3 Weeks? Didn't you gain weight in those 3 weeks?
Yes I did. I gained 1.7kg in 3 weeks but since starting dieting again 2 weeks ago I lost those 1.7kg and 2.3kg more with them. Before I started the diet break, I was stuck at 107kg, then I went up to almost 109kg during the break, but now I'm down to 104.8kg.

Why do you think diet breaks are important?
I think diet breaks are naturally aligned with us. What does that mean..? It means that if say you eat 1,500 kcal a day for 3 months, your body starts adapting. Weight loss is unnatural, the body doesn't want to shed off fat, on the contrary, it wants to grasp onto it and never letting it go.

Our ancestors also didn't eat 1,500 kcal a day. Back in those primitive days, hunting was sometimes good, sometimes bad. Some days, they catch a deer and eat it, some days they catch a bunny and eat it. A bunny has considerably less body weight and calories than a full deer. (this is just an example) so some days food was abundant (diet breaks) and some days food was scarce (diet).

Did you do exercise to lose those 30kg of weight?
No. Only back in May some stationary biking for 20 minutes twice a week. I'm pretty sedentary, even my job as an office administrator, I sit most of the time.

Any questions ask and please let's discuss.


  • coryhart4389
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    Nice observation and if people need a diet break for any reason, go for it. However, the science really doesn’t support that in 3 months at 1500 calories your metabolism will slow; if for example that person is cutting 1000 calories per day to lose 2 lbs per week.
  • J72FIT
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    Diet breaks IMO are good for long term adherence. Long term adherence is IMO the #1 factor in long term success.

    The best diet in the world that you can't stick to won't work...
  • solieco1
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    They definitely help me but I'm not sure if it's mental or physical. In any case, I find them helpful. I do have to be sure I use them to practice maintenance not as a free-for-all for it to be healthy for me.