This is getting so hard, IM HUNGRY!



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    Trying to lose some weight not much, I have about 8lbs left that I’d like to lose minimum. Only been consuming about 1100 calories of my 1300 allowed to reach my goal. I’ve cut back on my high calorie liquids so I can consume more food to help keep my hunger at bay during the day but I am still always hungry. When will it stop, it’s getting harder to just not indulge in food.

    Its never good to starve yourself. Make sure to drink lots of water and eat clean & healthy and sneak in those workouts and you should be golden! :)

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    I have been losing weight so the restriction is helping I’m just always hungry and fear falling off the wagon are you willing to be this restrictive (and HUNGRY) forever? I mean once you reach your goal weight, then what?

    That’s a very good question, I don’t know to be honest because I cannot lose weight unless I restrict and the second I eat more food then the recommended calorie suggestion I put it all back on, so how do you lose weight or even maintain a weight lose once you lose it without cutting food out of your life???

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    I'm also 5' 7", 43 with a desk job during the day (part time job is physical, but only 10 hours/week) and additional workouts are minimal right now, mostly just a short dog walk or something on the weekend (hike, moto ride, etc).

    I weigh slightly less than you right now (currently hovering around 151ish) and have been losing the past few weeks very steadily at around 1500-1750 cal/day - like, losing close to 2 pounds/week (started strictly tracking again 2.5 weeks ago).

    My goal is lower than yours, so this is aggressive for now, but only for a few more weeks, when I will have to back off. Goal for me is ~130 give or take a couple pounds, and that goal is based off what I weighed most of my younger adult life into my early 30's. That might be too low of a goal for someone with a different build.

    1100 calories is no where near enough if your goal is ~150 pounds at your height and activity level. No wonder you're hungry!!
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    at 5'1 I eat more than that and that is with a ridiculously slow metabolism due to major weight loss (almost 230 pounds).


    @JBanx256 - thanks for posting that link- i was about to go find it....
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    Good advice here!! However, losing weight and maintaining are hard. We are bombarded with food ads on tv and elsewhere. I'm always hungry and sometimes just stare in the fridge, knowing I just want to eat. I'm now eating almost 3k calories a day in maintenance but just as hungry when I was eating less than 2k while losing. Keep working and focus on your goals and don't punish yourself if you slip up. I don't have any great advice only saying you are not alone in your hunger!!!! GL....