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Restarting Again

Hi, I have decided to restart today after looking at my breakfast numbers I may need to restart again tomorrow. I am so aggravated with myself and frustrated. I have decided to work toward weight loss surgery, I really would like to lose weight without that, but that is my motivation at this moment.


  • Cheesy567
    Cheesy567 Posts: 1,186 Member
    Start where you are. Logging what you are eating, honestly and realistically for yourself, is the best step you can take for yourself!! It doesn’t have to match some false image of perfection. It doesn’t have to be some kind of ideal. But it does have to be *real* to serve you best in the long run. So, to that, I say GREAT JOB on those breakfast numbers!

    Feel all the feelings that they bring up. The way you’ve been eating for the last year, 5 years, however long... that’s what’s brought you to this point. That’s what you’re going to work on changing. No rule says you have to change it all at once to “start”.

    The fact that you’re logging honestly and looking at the real data through new eyes tells me that something is different this time. There’s no need to start over tomorrow. You’ve already started again. Just keep going.
  • Presleykay2
    Presleykay2 Posts: 20 Member
    I just had to restart too but I’m learning to take it one day at a time.
  • ToadstoolBetty
    ToadstoolBetty Posts: 292 Member
    I've done the same,
  • danikat15
    danikat15 Posts: 113 Member
    It is so painful to log a meal where I didn't make great choices. But then I look at it and think about what little changes I could make to not go so overboard next time. What can I do without? Is there something I could split in half and be ok? Could I switch out my drink to water?
  • Jeepon40s
    Jeepon40s Posts: 15 Member
    I'll give it a shot..... again. Done MFP before I don't think I will get so involved this time. I just want to track my weight with baby steps.....
  • paulberardi1962
    paulberardi1962 Posts: 4 Member
    Plan - commit - do (even when you don't want to) - repeat. Make it a habit. If you miss a day, no shame, but get back on the horse. I'm speaking maily to myself.
  • smbqt2
    smbqt2 Posts: 20 Member
    I am going to try to get back on track tomorrow. I have serious health issues but STILL struggle with my diet!!! I would like some friends so we can encourage each other!