Surviving Toxic love ...



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    Karma is a good friend. :)
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    @emjaybeb fineeee
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    @DWBalboa Agreed!

    Intensive counselling is helping me with this ... I'm definitely a work in progress but it's still really raw for me right now. I'll get there though .. so glad you found your person 💪🏻

    No I won't 😅 I have 3 tattoos and no plans on getting anymore just yet.

    I do however have a "thing" in piercing my ears right now lol 😂
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    Finding yourself again, being happy and believing is the hardest thing for me.
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    ninerbuff wrote: »
    Best way to survive.................don't get involved in that type of relationship.

    Sometimes toxicity is all we think we deserve.
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    Should I get snake tatts under my eyes .... Asking for a midlife crisis 🤣

    Yes! 😁
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    Since it's still really raw for you I would be mindful of opportunistic people who will take advantage of your wounds as you may be considered easy supply for their ego. That's both in person and online. I'm sorry this happened to you and I hope you're able to heal and find peace 💛
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    They always seem to be able to read just how to wrap you around their fingers. Then they draw you in with all the 'easy to please' whispering and saying, until you've been drawn in hook, line and sinker and you're sure it's a love you've never felt before and never will again so you're very afraid of seeing it for what is truly is and never feeling those feelings again.
    They touch upon every emotional need you have.

    I think that's part of the reason that at this point in my life, I've built an extremely high wall around myself that doesn't let anyone near. Gotta protect my feelings. Hate losing people.

    I feel the same way. Three different relationships, three different presentations. Whole worlds of hurt.
    Maybe it's me. Maybe it's Maybelline. lol

    Either way, I am safer and better off alone - at least until the kids are grown and out of the house (so they don't have to deal with any dating trauma). I'm not sure if I can fully trust again.
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    There's eros and then there's love. We really don't know what we're gonna get in a relationship until the eros phase is over. Most, particularly men, have no problem practicing eros but love is a different animal. And eros can only last so long.
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    Based in my observations, people get into those kind of relationships because they are unconsciously trying to fill a personality void. My advise: learn to live by yourself (meaning: learn to be alone with your thoughts and face them). People tend to use relationships as a crutch when something is missing. Know yourself first before getting involved. Believe me you'll spot trouble a mile away!
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    [ And eros can only last so long.

    Long Enough.....

    That is, until the restraining order is issued and the Uber pulls away.
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    You've been given some really great advice.

    Don't start none. Won't be none.
    I know myself. If you should find yourself leaning upon the opinion poll of others you can end up in a bad place. Wear what makes you happy and eat the foods you really enjoy. Take full responsibility for everything and make all of your own decisions.

    Learn to trust your instincts. If someone diminishes your personality you are with the wrong person. When they analyze and try to shrink you into tatters and like hail. Judging every move you make and every breath you take is cuckoo. If you can't make the simple decisions without wanting someone to breathe down your neck it's better to be alone. Wait for the road that leads to compassion, accountability and celebrating individuality which runs both directions.

    Hold space for healthy communication and never ever let anyone shrink you into thinking inside their box. There is no box.

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    Well done you guys that seen it was toxic and escaped the situation then trying to help others that don’t know what is going on or what to do 👏🏻