Working From Home - Not All It Is Cracked Up To Be!

Been on MFP for quite a few years but am a off/on type of girl. In the summer I stay active, eat healthier, and make better decisions. When winters arrives in midwest Indiana, I slow down & the calories find me! Hoping to find creative ways to keep moving, stay positive and encourage others. I know I am not the only one who struggles with a new work routine at home. Work/Life balance needs adjusted!


  • steveko89
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    Speak for yourself; I long for the time I was able to work from home. My sleep, work/life balance, fitness/life balance, were all better.
  • Evamutt
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    we don't have real cold winters where I live so I do walk my dogs every morning but they're getting older & can't walk the miles as before so I supplement my walk with "walk at home" with Leslie Sansone on you tube. it's fun & good exercise. Also have weights at home
  • SEL_3235
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    Thanks @evamutt! I will check Leslie out on YouTube, I have a rebounder which is now placed outside my office door! I have to walk/jump for 5 min. before preceding on!
  • SEL_3235
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    @steveko89 Working from home is different for everyone. I am what you would call a "social butterfly", i love interacting with my co-workers/humans in general. This is an adjustment for me, my work is available 27/7! When the office is a guest bedroom, one must learn how to not enter & not feel overwhelmed at the workload I should be taking care of (ADD kicks in). As a mother, I see the wash, the dishes, etc which needs done however I am on work time. It is an adjustment I'm working on & will be for awhile. Any advice is appreciated!
  • DaffyGirl88
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    @SEL_3235 I'm with you on the working from home. I feel out of touch being outside the office. Also, since I used to go to the gym every morning on the way to work I've had to adjust my workout routine, and it has suffered. I haven't taken any type of exercise class in 20 months where I used to spin 3x times a week. I found that I don't push myself as hard when I'm the only one in the room. Also, my gym has closed for good so even if I DO ever return to the office I still won't be able to work out on the way. :(
  • cwolfman13
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    I miss working from home. I did it for 18 months with COVID and before the vaccine, etc. I too am social, but working from home allowed me more latitude in being active. It was much easier to fit in morning walks for example...I could get out for a walk and still be at my desk by 8 as I didn't have to worry about getting myself ready for the day and commuting.

    As far as winter and keeping active, I primarily cycle and mountain bike for my cardiovascular exercise. In the winter I pick up a couple of spin classes at my gym and supplement that with my indoor bike trainer and Zwift at home. If it's a reasonably nice weekend afternoon I will hit the trails on my MTB. In general I prefer exercise outdoors, but in the winter I just have to suck it up for a few months and do most of it indoors...spring rolls around soon enough.
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    Winter is rough!!! I Just moved from Southern Virginia to northern Indiana. This will be my 1st "real" Winter in 9 years. I'm just getting back on the fitness track-- I know this is gonna be different than last Winter when I was working an exercise and diet routine. I lived most of my life in New Hampshire so I am hoping I'll adjust to Winter easily.