First ever post. Hello

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Hi. I've been using MFP on and off for 11 years, but never actually managed to get a diet to work. Now, for the first time in my life, I'm doing it. Largely because I cut out alcohol, I have successfully lost 14lbs (6.4kg) in a month. I'm so excited to one day be thin. I know it'll take me ages, and I am sure Christmas will slow me down, but I plan to really finish this time, and actually reach my goal weight. :)

SW: 96kg
CW: 89kg
GW: 65kg


  • Vaady_r
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    Hello from India, It is amazing that you are making significant changes in your life ! I hope you get to your goal soon. Also, cliche tip - It might not feel like ages if you are enjoying the process :P
    HTMTM Posts: 31 Member
    Thank you! I have made some huge changes - diet, no alcohol & started running all at once. but so far I am feeling so much better for it.
  • gravaged2668
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    Awesome you are getting results and feeling better.

    Something that helps me, especially with holidays around the corner is to keep in mind that I won't be done here once I hit the goal. I will just be adjusting the knobs to the maintenance level so I don't have to start over again.
  • waleson85
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    Intermittent fasting helped me out a ton. Especially when it comes to holiday eating lol. Glad to hear you are making progress.