Chronically ill motivation buddies

Hey there I used to be very active on here then a trauma happened, and 8 years later I have healed a lot but also at my highest weight by a lot. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, functional neurological disorder as well as a sacroiliac injury that doesn't seem to getting better leaving me in tears after a 15 min slow walk!
Sufficed to say I need buddies to start this journey again.
I live in NZ so I use metric
CW: 123kg
GW: 85kg
Im aiming for healthy not aesthetics


  • muscular81
    muscular81 Posts: 16 Member
    Welcome back! I have a GI chronic disease and my thyroid has started to act up. If you commit to logging in daily even on the bad days and to follow a weight loss plan, I will support you all the way.
    How do you feel today?
  • jo_nz
    jo_nz Posts: 595 Member
    Hello from another member in NZ!

    I have chronic migraines, though it's mostly well-managed at the moment, which has really helped in me being able to get more focused on my health and fitness.

    I also had an injury a few years ago (bad ankle break) that threw me off course, and I really never thought I would be particularly active again (not that I was hugely active before that). But here I am, planning for the tongariro crossing in a few weeks!

    I am about 7kg from goal, so not too far, but I need to knuckle down - I haven't really lost anything this year in spite of increased exercise. I have been focused on exercise goals for a few months which has been good, physically and mentally, but it really is time to get back on the logging track.