Hi any Weight loss or fitness buddys out there?

Hi! im started 1 week ago my journey on lossing weight, if anybody wants a partner/friend/supporter to keep each other on track, add me :) good luck everyone!


  • tluisa311
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    Yes ma'am, I would love a weight loss buddy!! I have such a hard time staying on track :'( Feel free to add me as a friend here and on IG! My IG name is on my profile.
  • WSOX37
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  • lauralinf
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    hi i started a week ago too. still getting my head around the kcal counting. im doing fitness classes and swimming so when it adds it into my total i never know whether i need to eat a bit more or just leave it.
  • LegionOfZoom
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    I've been struggling on night shift for a while. Hoping to get back on track within the next week or two
  • kac1010
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    I just started back up with this app May of this year because I was fed up with feeling awful, tired, and generally unhappy. I will gladly add you as I don't know many people on here and it's motivating to see other people working hard to better their health.
  • MariEverAfter
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    Hi everyone, why dont we make a group just to tell how we are doing, our progress, our struggles? I think everyone here wants the support and partnership?
  • caroadstar
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  • okjmac1974
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    You all are welcome to add me
  • MariEverAfter
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    Guys im sending everyone in this discussion an invite to the group i created so everyone can chat freely there! if anyone else wants to join, chat my pv or just post here :)
  • NeedCaffeinee
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    I'll send you a request! It's been hard to lose these last 10 pounds. I've lost 40 but having trouble losing the rest.
  • Kate092209
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    Hi! I started my weight loss journey about a week ago. I feel like it would be a lot easier if we motivate each other and that is why I am here :smile:
  • Kyliemaynard8
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    Hi I started my weight loss journey yesterday I would love a weightloss/exercise buddy so add me please
  • jeodc1
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    I just started today! Looking forward to supporting/being supported by the group.
  • CurvyEmmy
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    edited November 2021

    Can you add me please? I need a LOT of help. I put on almost 100 pounds since the pandemic. My body has changed so much. I am trying to make small changes to what I eat, but it’s a struggle dealing with all my cravings! I also am not really in shape to exercise. I have never been a very active girl and most workouts are just too challenging for me….

    I made a thread about my weight here: https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10839023/getting-back-in-shape-after-80-pound-pandemic-weight-gain-please-help/p1

    That thread was in July and I feel really ashamed that I haven’t made any progress since then. I really need to feel a lot of encouragement and support please!!

  • catherinrose4
    catherinrose4 Posts: 18 Member

    Hi, I’d love to be added to your group for support please

  • Br00klynbaby90
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    Add me! Looking for support
  • Mazz_Man
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    edited November 2021
    I just re-started and I am looking for new fun and supportive friends... someone is regularly on MFP, has a positive attitude and gives support as well as expects support.

    Since MFP changed the Community format, it's very difficult to add people so I'm adding this link:
    Add Friend
    to make it easier... it will take to the web version of MFP; clicking on the second link will add me. 🙂

    Let's help each other reach our goals!
  • autigersfan67
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    Hi MariEverAfter. I just started back today on this app. I would love to have a new support friend. You can add me: autigersfan67. I did WW and lost some weight, but then I quit it. I am wanting to lose 15 to 20 pounds. I need a good support group and new friends. Welcome.
  • lauragirl84
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    I'm about a month in and have lost 13lbs. I need to lose 50 to get knee surgery. Please add me! I'm looking for support and friendship!
  • dblirondog
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    Wow, looks like you have found your tribe! That is so cool! I’m always here to support anyone and I can always use the support as well!