when the cashier asks how your day is going

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when the cashier asks how your day is going 22 votes

I say it's going well even when it's not
68% 15 votes
I lay it on them (hey they asked)
0% 0 votes
I use adjectives like super & fantastic and then cry when I get back to my car
4% 1 vote
A cashier? Do you even Prime?
0% 0 votes
test - don't select
27% 6 votes


  • glassyo
    glassyo Posts: 6,545 Member

    Ooooo polls.


  • Motorsheen
    Motorsheen Posts: 20,354 Member

    Cashiers ?

    They usually don’t talk me, they’re just too busy stuffing unmarked bills into a canvas bag and avoiding eye contact.

  • ReenieHJ
    ReenieHJ Posts: 9,719 Member

    If they bother to ask, I fake nice, tell 'em I'm fine and ask them back.

    Most cashiers don't get paid enough or like their job/customers enough to ask. :/

  • jjpptt2
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    I self-checkout largely, though not entirely, to avoid such nonsensical conversations.

  • glassyo
    glassyo Posts: 6,545 Member

    I say it's going well but that's mostly because I've been going to the same market for years, know most of the long time cashiers, and don't want to put my *kitten* on them.

    I'm more than happy to ask them what's wrong when they're a bit moody tho.

  • NeedCaffeinee
    NeedCaffeinee Posts: 105 Member

    I just say it's going well even when it isn't. I'm sure most just ask to be polite/out of courtesy.

  • KosmosKitten
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    I usually make polite chit-chat with them because hey, you never know how *kitten* their day might have been, what with working in retail and all.. so I have some sympathy. And if they are polite enough to converse with me, I can at least give them the benefit of the doubt and chit-chat away to make their day brighter, even if mine was terrible.

    No need for my bad (potential) day to be pushed on them.

  • Mellouk89
    Mellouk89 Posts: 469 Member

    They were a lot of friendlier when they didn't have to wear masks 24/7, I don't blame them. It's a public policy in my province that is still in effect today.

  • FoodWasOnceLove
    FoodWasOnceLove Posts: 1 Member

    I tend to be transactional in exchanges with retail staff. In this scenario we all share the goal of cooperating, I think, so the chit-chat that goes along with it is just meant to support this goal.

  • ReenieHJ
    ReenieHJ Posts: 9,719 Member
    OT but when I shop at Walmart, there's always been a choice of several cashier check-outs, as well as self-check-outs involving both cash and card. Now the only place you can pay cash is through a cashier aisle. They had 1 cashier manned aisle open yesterday and the line waiting was wayyyyy too long to even contemplate. Hope they realize their mistake. Wow, was my sister PO'ed.
  • rm6335920
    rm6335920 Posts: 256 Member
    I tend to be nice to the cashier even if they don't look like they are having a good day at all
  • boilerdawg2009
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    I always test and don't select