Women 200lb+, Let's Have A Noteworthy November!!!



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    @goal06082021 I’m so glad things went well for your hubby! ❤️

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 I can’t resist my own baking either so I try to avoid baking now.🤣
  • I avoided doing much if any baking for a year, but.... I miss it, and I don't want to go without it forever, so since I'm in maintenance for now (thanks, thyroid) I want to learn how to eat sensibly and include the occasional cranberry-orange muffin or chocolate chip cookie. It's still a work in progress.

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    11/11/21-179.2 lbs again :-( Not worried though. Only 3 days and sticking to my plan. I haven't cheated, so it will drop. Did 210 minutes (3.5 hours) on my Elliptical again today. I'm moving faster because Tuesday it was 15.25 miles. Today it was 16 miles!


    How kind and time consuming for you to go through and mention everybody.

    I'm a baker too! I haven't baked in awhile and I miss it. But Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming so I will get back into it. I love also to give it away to friends who don't bake. And they love to get it! I'm hoping to figure out or find Keto friendly versions of my specialtys.

    I had lots of labs drawn today that Dr is covering his bases with all the weight I've lost since he has seen me. Needed cholesterol levels done (for my new 6 month statin refill (and maybe won't need, but I have a bad family history though)) and mentioned my intentional weight loss to the secretary, so he ordered everything. I'm looking forward thiugh to see all the changes, chol, CBC, CMP, TSH and some levels I never had done before like B12, HA1c and haven't had my Vit D level in quite awhile.

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    9/9/21- 252 (SW & ATH)

    11/1/21- 231.4

    11/5/21- 230.2

    11/12/21- 225.7

    November weight lost- 5.7

    Total weight lost- 26.3

    November goals-

    -6k steps every day (4 out of 12)- I suck lol

    -Pack my lunch every day (12 out of 12)

    -No soda (12 out of 12)

    -No eating out/fast food (11 out of 12)- it wasn't worth it at all

    -Limit alcohol to once a week (although it's even less than that already) (11 out of 12)- 2 beers

    -November Weight Loss Goal- 6 lbs

    Feeling in a really good place right now. A lot better than I was on Monday. I'm back into the swing of things and seeing results!

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    November 5th- 196.6

    November 12th- 193.8

    I was slightly worried about today’s weigh day considering all the food I had yesterday. I try to stick to one heavier meal a day with the rest of the day being my protein shakes. We decided to have Chick-Fil-A chick—minis for breakfast(love those things). For dinner my husband said he wanted Mexican and we ordered California burritos. We moved from San Diego, California so our expectations were high. Needless to say we were pretty disappointed in the burrito. I had to use a fork and knife just to eat it and I accidentally bit down on the fork and now my tooth is sore! Absolutely ruined the meal for me and I didn’t finish. I already made a dentist appointment for Monday to make sure all is good. I don’t even want to eat anything now so that should help me lose weight lol. Other than that I’ve been working out a lot and taking comparison pictures from when I first started this journey. It’s all coming along!

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    40 y/o. 6'0" tall

    SW: 277.7

    November 1: 232

    November goal: 226

    Ultimate goal weight: 180-185(ish)

    I weigh in on Fridays

    11/5:230.2 (-1.8)

    11/12 228.0 (-2.2)


    11/26: (I will not be weighing in this day. I'll be in Mexico)

    November weight loss: 4lbs

    Total weight loss: 49.7lbs. I saw 227.2 earlier this week. I knew it was a fluke. I hope to see her again soon. ;)

    I'm totally struggling this week. Struggling with food choices, exercise (or lack thereof), and just extreme fatigue. Maybe the time change? Who knows. I need to break this funk.

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    Age: 51
    Height: 5'
    SW: 266.6 (1/4/21)
    SW November: 233.5
    GW for November: 229
    GW for 2021: 220
    GW for October 2022 because that's my focus: 165

    Forgot to choose a day! My weigh-ins will be Fridays as the weekend tends to get away from me.
    11/5: 231.5
    11/12: 231.5

    I saw 230 once this week, and I haven't been much ABOVE 231, so I'm hopeful I'm on the cusp of another whoosh. *tells self repeatedly "weight loss is not linear." *

    Also I really need to find/make time for a bit more exercise. I'm leaning hard on the martyr thing lately ( "I have so much to do! Why do I have to do it all? WHY ME?" ) and I need to stop. Whining changes nothing, except making me less willing to tackle what needs to be done.

    Last night I made An Amount of healthy food (I can eat the same meal every breakfast, a different meal every lunch, a third meal every dinner for a week, easy, without minding) so at least that's out of the way for a bit.

    @sandielewis2001 that looks like so much fun! enjoy!

    @swimmom_1 i need to do that too. I went and found the login for the lab to look at my last blood test info, because would you believe my doctor didn't even mention my continuing pre-diabetic-ness? I've had doctors tell me I was prediabetic, but NOT ONE thought to take the time to tell me what it meant. I had a cardiologist demand (after a procedure, when he'd HAD my med records beforehand!) "did you know you were prediabetic? You didn't tell me?" Dude. I didn't know you needed to know. YOU should know that you need to know--and you should have asked if you didn't see it right there in my record! I thought it was "hey, change course or you're going to get diabetes" (which I was trying to do!) not "this is actually already affecting your health and potential procedure outcomes."

    Thinking about changing to a doctor who might actually talk to me, but change is hard.

    Go, @danikat15 GO!!

    @SammiGirl1321 you're doing great! You know this, but hold onto that feeling for when things aren't going so well.

    @Deanner03 you're struggling, but take a moment to celebrate that victory! You may not be winning all the battles, but you sure won that one! (which was a mighty feat indeed, mmm, cinnamon rolls...)

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    Age: 50
    Height: 5'11"

    SW: 226.6

    November SW: 210.6
    November GW: 207
    Ultimate GW: 175

    Just checking in, but not weighing in since I don't have my scale with me in NYC.

    Anyone know how to make the font smaller for discussions? There's only a few posts per page bc the font is so large and it's driving me crazy. I'm not digging the new look...bah.

    Anyway! I've only been in NYC one day and boy do I have some catching up to do exercise-wise. The walking and the stairs are kicking my butt. I love how it always takes a week or so to "catch up" to the NYC way. I get so tired just walking and hauling stuff up the subway or to our walk-up apartment. We're only on the 3rd floor but I'm really feeling it after spending the last two months on the couch!

    It's going to be a real balancing act if I want to leave here under my November starting weight, which is the goal. Yes I'm walking a lot, but I'm also eating SO many more calories. Which is fine for these first few days until we get some groceries in and I can start to cook and manage my meals better.

    This month's motto:
    I can have anything, but I don't need to have *everything*. Meaning, I will still have the bagels with cream cheese, or a good slice of pizza, or a fabulous croissant...but I don't NEED to have everything I want, every time I want it.

    My main plan for the next week is to get back into logging and to meal prep.

    Plans for November:
    🍁 Keep my calories in the 1250-1350 range.
    🍁 Keep monitoring hunger levels.
    🍁 Keep my fiber intake up.

    Daily Goals:
    🍂 Log everything
    🍂 Stay hopeful
    🍂 Incorporate daily stretching back into my routine

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    @sargemarcori I get that it's frustrating to see a number you like on the scale, only to have it go back up resulting in a minor pattern of gaining/losing the same pound over and over. While I KNOW that weight loss isn't linear, I sure wish it were.
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    Hi I’m 53 and 5’6”.
    Starting Weight: 257.8 (1/14/21)

    Nov Start Weight: 215.9 (10/30/21)
    Nov Goal Weight: 214.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 170

    Nov 1: 215.9
    Nov 6: 215.8 (-0.1)
    Nov 13: 214.4 (-1.4)
    Nov 20:
    Nov 27:
    Nov 30:

    I am thrilled with this loss this week! 🙂 I haven’t been spending as much time on MFP and them changing everything isn’t helping. I have been watching youtube videos a lot now as I’m trying to get back to taking better care of myself with hair and makeup. Also general wellness exercises. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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    Age: 64
    Height: 5'4
    SW: 224.9 (09/6/2021)
    CW: 204.8 (11/05/2021)
    GW for November: 197
    GW for 2021: 190
    UGW: 135
    11/5: 204.8 (been stuck here for days)
    11/12: 202.4

    Main November goal - to be safely in Onderland
    Add an additional 30 minute walk to my daily routine
    Complete the 2 5k's I entered myself in (I will be walking)
    And just keeping up the good habits I am developing[/quote]