Ways to get the most from your desk job

Hey guys, I work a desk job. But I’ve noticed that it’s not helping me with my body as sitting around all day doesn’t work for me. How would you engage your body and maintain or gain mobility at a desk job?


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    It's very helpful to have a sit and stand desk. Also, having a timer (on a fitness watch or your phone) to remind you to move is helpful.
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    In my long experience of both, lot depends on whether deskwork is in a conspicuous "Dilbert" cubicle environment or private office. It's easier to adopt a standing desk and break for active movement in a private workspace. In a cubicle, apart from taking walk breaks I'd strongly suggest isometrics - lots of online resources about the exercises, benefits and limitations, for essentially motionless muscular contractiion. Quick self-test: a thirty to sixty second static tricep pressdown on the desktop, or a chest "flye" grabbing along the edge and pulling in, or planted feet contracting, then the same opening knees at the hips, or hamstring curls - body should be shaking by a third rep and nobody even knows. (I've spent the last three weeks replacing DB and bands with full body isometrics to give sore shoulders a break, and it's coming along well to restart heavier workouts again afer the holidays)
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    I have a Varideskm, so I can sit or stand for a period of time each day. I also use an "Active Chair" which is like a seat that is perched on a joystick - it wobbles, so you need to engage your glute/core muscles when sitting on it. Beyond that, I'll occasionally drop down and hold a plank position.
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    I am a full time WFH and have a treadmill. I purchased a flat top that goes across the handles (to set my lap top on) and use it when I'm on calls where I do not have to speak. This has helped a great deal. Just an hour a day. At least I am able to get my 10k steps in. Good luck!
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    Hey guys, I work a desk job. But I’ve noticed that it’s not helping me with my body as sitting around all day doesn’t work for me. How would you engage your body and maintain or gain mobility at a desk job?

    I get up at least once every hour and take the "scenic route" to the bathroom or the breakroom to get water. If I need to converse with a colleague I typically get up and go to their office or cubicle rather than emailing them or calling their extension. I work on the third floor and I always take the stairs. I park further away from the building. I rarely use my office printer and instead use the big sharp copier/printer that I have to walk down the hall to get to. Just little things to move a bit during the day. I also do some form of deliberate exercise most days.
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    +1 to cwolfman, I do most of that stuff too - park further away, walk upstairs to get water/use the restroom. I have a 24oz travel mug; that quantity lasts me long enough that I'm not going for a refill every 10 minutes, but I still get in 2-3 refill trips on a typical day, racking up about 300 steps each time. I also have a little under-desk pedaler that I picked up for about $30 at Walmart. It's reasonably quiet and unobtrusive when not in use, and it's lightweight and easy for me to pull into position for 5-10 minutes of pedaling when things are slow. When the weather and my attire permits, I also go for a leisurely stroll around campus on my lunch break. "Attire" mostly means suitable footwear; as a woman, I occasionally make sartorial choices that are more aesthetic than practical in terms of "can I go for a 30-minute walk on uneven ground in this."
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    I typically work from home 3 days per week, so that makes things a lot easier. I do laps around the upper floor of my house. I typically try to get 250 steps in per hour, but I will do more if I have downtime.

    When I am in the office, I try to plan out my movement each hour. I will make a bathroom trip to the second floor bathroom, I will walk to Target next door to get a snack (my employer is very flexible with us taking breaks). Sometimes I just stand up in my cubicle and walk in place, but this is not my preference.

    I would eventually like to look into getting an under-the-desk foot peddler but I am hesitant. I am going to research isometrics as stated above. It sounds like something I may enjoy.
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    I work from home as a freelance graphic designer so I'm at home much of the day near my computer. I use a sitting treadmill to get some exercise at my desk, I do get a good workout from it since I can go at my own speed and use it throughout the day. 61upeyCsExL._AC_SY550_.jpg
    I did originally wanted to buy a DeskCycle 2 for my desk but it was a little over my price range at the time.
    I do tend to get up and do squats and incline push-ups to strengthen my muscles.
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    I bought an exercise ball a while ago and switched to sitting on that for a few hours every day. Definitely leaving the desk whenever possible, of course, and having a height-adjustable desk. :)
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    When I was working I made sure I got up and walked around every hour. I worked in an office park and I'd walk around the building when the weather was nice enough. Parked far from the office and walked in - left lunch 10 minutes early and walked around for 10 minutes. My printer broke & never got it replaced so I had to get up to get whatever I printed. Even standing up and stretching is a good thing.