Dumb Question: Analog scale Vs. Digital (Both New/same brand)

I recently purchased two scales from Walmart (Health-o- Meter), and the digital weight is 3 pounds heavier than the analog scale and varies depending on where I stand.

Should I record the analog weight or digital? I don't know which one is accurate at this point, and it's frustrating.


  • Lietchi
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    Why did you buy two scales?

    Just weigh yourself on one and follow the evolution of your weight on that scale. It doesn't really matter which one is 'correct'. I'd opt for the one that seems more reliable /less prone to variations (but I'd also try to use the scale in the same spot every time).
  • halloweengal
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    The digital scale kept bouncing around, so I wanted to compare. I might just follow the analog since it's kinder to me.
  • MsCzar
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    I have an older Krups spring scale and a newer digital. I use the Krups as my official scale since that is the scale I started with - calibrating it with my doctor's scale within an hour of my visit. I step on both most days. The digital seems more finicky - usually reading 1-2 lbs. more. The two scales rarely agree. I've lost weight on the digital while the spring scale didn't budge.

    Honestly, I really don't much care which is more accurate... as long as the numbers keep going down!
  • NYPhotographer2021
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    I have both as well. I had trouble seeing the dial on the spring scale, so I ended up buying a digital where the number stays on a few seconds after stepping off. They are different. I think the spring scale is about 3 or 4 pounds less than the digital one. The number on the digital scale jumps around, then it settles on one weight and that is what I use to record for the day.
  • earlnabby
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    I could never get an analog scale to hold its calibration for more than a couple of weeks so I went digital. It is very accurate and consistent (except when the batteries are going) and is usually between 1/2 and 1 lb. off from my doctor's scale. I step on it fully dressed just before I leave the house for an appointment so I can compare it.
  • yweight2020
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    I'd take one back as in that would drive me crazy.

    I use a digital health o.meter and it's a few pounds different then my doctors office, but then again I weigh in nude at home, not at the doctors.

    And as long as the pounds are going in the direction you want thats all that matter, I'm down 50 plus pounds on the health o.meter.

    Keep persevering, you can do this ⚖
  • sgt1372
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    No home weight scale will be perfectly accurate.

    However, here are at least 2 (one digital and one analog) that the author of the following article claims to be fairly accurate: https://www.livestrong.com/article/184126-most-accurate-body-weight-scales/.

    The author also lists 2 BF scales which I would disregard simply because it really is impossible to measure BF accurately using any electronic impeadance device and the other 2 devices are more than adequate for measuring your weight.

    FWIW, I prefer digital scales because they give you the "illusion" of accuracy but more importantly give me an exact measurement (whether accurate or not) that is easier to read than on an anolog scale.

    I have been using a cheap Weight Watchers branded digita scale to measure myself daily for years.

    The only thing that is really important is to use the same scale consistently over time so that the measuements are internally reliable w/respect to that device (whether it's digtal or analog).