What socioeconomic class do your food choices resemble?



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    Could not be tied to any one class. Makes sense...I'll eat most everything on there except frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, or caviar. I love me some fancy pants foods, but I also love simple pleasures like fish 'n chips, chilli, beef stew, chicken noodle soup. And who can turn down a Hebrew National cooked to perfection on the grill with a pickle and a side of chips while sitting around the pool?
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    I was 92% Lower Middle Class which made me laugh. I would have described it as picky Southern 5yr old. ;) That test doesn't seem very accurate, though. If you don't like fish (which I don't) or you don't eat meat, you probably won't get an accurate result. They didn't have much in the way of vegetables to comment on. And they aren't taking regional preferences into account either. But it was stilll a fun thing! I love online tests. B)
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    Your food choices resemble those of the upper class (92.86%).

    Woooow. I didn't know I had such high tastes 🤣 this quiz is funny!
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    CurvyEmmy wrote: »
    This is kind of offensive… “LOWER” class?? Excuse me? :O

    These are socioeconomic terms describing income/wealth ranges. No need to be offended. It's as pointless as being upset if your BMI puts you into "Obese."
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    ahoy_m8 wrote: »
    Rhumax67 wrote: »
    There's a socioeconomic class for food choices?

    try shopping for a week on $20 for a family of 3 and with $200 for a family of 3 and see what options are there....especially as far as variety and range of foods go (you can certainly eat healthy on a limited budget. We did.)

    been both places....

    But that's a WHOLE other discussion.

    I agree completely with your point, but doesn't the quiz ask what you would LIKE to eat vs. what you ACTUALLY eat? It's conceivable that I could be living on hot dogs dreaming of lobster. It told me my preferences couldn't be put in a category because I scored about equally in all categories, but it didn't ask about one food group I eat the most - legumes. I wonder if they are low class because they're cheap or if all classes eat legumes so it isn't a good quiz q.

    Yes, how much you would LIKE to eat:

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    As I am an omnivore with an adventurous palate, I got the result I was expecting:

    "Your food choices resemble those of the upper-middle class (60.71%)."

    My loathing of bivalves probably took me down a class.
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    Lower and middle class
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    75% middle class here (more upper than lower on the margins) but this shouldn't be surprising because it's more than likely that the demographic of people using MFP is most likely "middle class."
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    Hahaha -- My "food choices could not be tied to any one social class." Perfect.
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    My choices were apparently most middle class, and almost as much lower middle class. Fits.

    But I don't eat fish or any kind of seafood, so...how much that skews the results. Or is it that fish foods (except the fish sticks) are considered higher class?
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    "Your food choices could not be tied to any one social class." I got a completely even split across the board.
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    I didn't do the quiz due to time constraints but my food choices resemble those of the average 5 year old more than any particular class. :D

    (Really they don't, I have more sense than that, but every now and then I have what I call Eat Like a Kid Day when I make very poor choices)

    Back before the pandemic, when parties were a thing, I would have Fancy Kid-Food Potlucks with my friends, which involved everyone bringing ridiculously "fancy" versions of kid-staples. For instance, tomato soup and grilled cheese became cream of tomato bisque with basil and sun-dried tomatoes, with toasted gruyere on artisan bread and browned-butter sage. Apple smiles, but with honeycrisp apples, organic toasted almond butter and gourmet vanilla-bean marshmallows.

    But no matter what, we always have the Classic Kid Versions alongside the fancy stuff, and by and large, it's almost always more popular. You can't beat nostalgic perfection. :-)
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    Got lower class. However, most dishes were very American, and I'd not like to eat any of them. I don't care about burgers, mac&cheese regardless of it being with foie gras or pure, sandwiches, salads, etc. I eat lots of authentic southern European and Asian food, which wasn't really represented.
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    Spoiler alert: This quiz is terrible for vegetarians. :D There are, like, five vegetarian things in the whole quiz, and none of the foods I normally eat are here.
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    I got upper class - but I probably could have said that's where my tastes lie as I love seafood, and have tried many many foods over the years, and do find the fried, fatty, carby foods not particularly good compared to well prepared fresh versions, even when the same meat (such as a type of fish) is being considered.
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    Cannot be tied to one class. It looks like I like a lot of comfort food, and like it even more when it's dressed up with lobster or truffles :D The sad thing is I have celiac disease and in real life can't eat most of the food presented without modifications that make it less attractive to me, sigh.
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    Honestly, I'd never even heard of half the items listed, lol. Guess that explains why I didn't get a single nod towards either upper classes, and was pretty evenly spaced across the other three.
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    I wonder how today's dinner would be rated here. I cooked elbow pasta (yeah, the stuff used for mac&cheese), and in a separate pan friend onion and garlic until sweet, then added cubes of tinned luncheon meat, mixed everything. Served with proper, old parmigiano :D That's my comfort food, btw.