Anyone else waiting til the New Year to do a restart?

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I know it's not a favorite thing to do, to put it off. But I've decided that's exactly what I'm going to do. My mind isn't where it needs to be at the moment and the holidays coming won't help that fact. So, New Year, New Start!!


  • wunderkindking
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    I think taking pressure off your start is a good idea.

    Maybe leave the deadline flexible though. Do it when you can get your mind if the game. If that's not 1-1-2022 it's okay. Whether it's earlier or later than that.
  • scarlett_k
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    Not really. I flounder a bit when autumn sets in but I get back on track before having a bit of indulgence over Christmas.
  • kenziestabes
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    I find if I take a "break" from a habit or activity for more than a week, I tend to drop it. Makes picking it back up again hard work, which means that I'll more likely not start again. However, a 2-4 day break is usually enough to make me feel rejuvenated and well rested, so long as by break, I don't mean "stop cold turkey." It's more things like, "I won't go on a run, but I might take the dog on a second walk for the same amount of time as my run" or "I won't track calories but I'll try to eat as close to how I normally do on days I do track calories" or "I'm tracking calories but won't sweat it too much if I go 200-300 over."

    The workout one is my current, "I'll just reset" that I'm fighting to pick back up. It wasn't the easiest habit to form, and I'm finding myself trying to work new routines.

    Just food for thought.
  • onyxgirl17
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    Last year I was in your position. I decided to wait and not track during the holidays and started tracking right around the new year. I’m 5-10 pounds away from my stretch goal and at the upper part of where I like my weight to be now (bmi currently 23). This next year I’m going to see about taking off those last 5-10 pounds and tone up but for the holidays this year I’ll be scaling back on dieting and letting loose a little, still tracking but I started incorporating a bit more “junk” food just for the holidays. I suggest not depriving yourself during the holiday season (it’s a mental thing) but consider tracking calories or at least practicing mindful eating / not binging to maintain your weight.
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    I think a good way to go about the holidays is on the regular days try to eat as healthy as I can but if I go to a party I’m not gonna restrict, I think that’s the healthiest way to go about it because if you put it off to another time you’ll never do it. Hope this helps
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    I'm not, I'm actually restarting now after a bad month overall, as I used Thanksgiving weekend to meal plan and prep and also restart my exercise and other stuff journal and some healthy routines I want to get back to. But that doesn't mean it's a bad choice for you. I agree that mindset matters (I've been struggling with that myself), so maybe spending some time now working on what's going on with the mindset rather than stressing about being offplan or the like, would be a good approach. The one thing I would warn about is if you have a tendency to feeling like you are either on (very strict) or off (all things go, eat everything in any quantity), since you don't want "I'm not starting until 1/1" to be an excuse or trigger to binge vs just partaking in normal holiday stuff plus some of the extra treats around without feeling guilty. (And I would say that feeling guilty is generally counterproductive. Better to say "I am choosing to eat this because I will enjoy it" but also try not to fall into eating mindlessly just because food is around.)
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    I don't know, honestly. I'm 14 years post weight loss now and the past two years have been so challenging.

    Every year I have trouble with food from about November 1 through the first of January. I don't do a lot of entertaining nor do I go to many holiday parties, but I just get hungrier when it's cold and I'm not out as much doing stuff.

    I'm up about three pounds right now. Pounds that are sticking. I dun wanna cut back on food. I know I have to. I'll get my head around it. I'm not waiting till January though. I could do some serious damage to my weight in four weeks.

  • mjglantz
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    When I started it was mid October 2011 and I figured no time like the present. Personally with the holidays if I had been going off track, this would be the time to start making those small sustainable healthy changes.
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    For me, there's no time like the present - in fact I just got back at it this week after months of letting it go. Luckily I've only gained about 1kg in that time, but my fitness has definitely suffered, so time to get back to work on those muscles. There is nothing magical about the new year, and I figure if I don't have the fortitude to just start, it's unlikely I'll be in a better/happier place in 4 weeks after a lethargy/overeating splurge. I 100% intend to enjoy myself over the holidays, and won't track or worry about days like Christmas day, or all of the many parties and celebrations between now and Jan 1 -life is for living after all, but no reason not to be committed and mindful for 80 plus meals that are not celebratory between now and then, and no reason not to workout as best I can between now and then as well.
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    I was considering this, as I lost around 5 pounds during my move and had actually stopped logging for about a month. But after thinking about this thread, and getting my Fitbit report which said my steps and floors were down from the previous week (which was down from the week before that) I realized it is just my Addictive Voice talking.

    So I started logging again yesterday.
  • sgt1372
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    Everyone's different but if you don't have the resolve to '"restart" your wt loss efforts now b4 one of the most taxing periods for avoiding overeating is over, what makes you think that you can maintain the effort later?

    I've been in maintenance for over 6 yrs after an initial 40# wt loss and I've only been able to maintain that wt loss by means of constant determination and vigilance to keep the wt off by logging everything that I eat/drink and weighing myself daily.

    Don't see how you can restart your efforts by making an excuse 4 while you need to start later.

    If not now, when?
  • cwolfman13
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    I guess...kinda sorta. I generally get a little lax with things October through December and put on 8-10 Lbs every year. This year I've managed to maintain where I'm at, but where I'm at includes 20 Lbs of COVID weight I need to lose. It's been a really mild fall/winter so far here, so I've been more active than I usually am this time of year, which is why I think I've been able to maintain when I usually gain.

    I don't really try to lose weight this time of the year because there's just too much going on. January is usually when I start to get back to things after a nice little break.