Healthier Alternatives?

What have you found to be good alternatives to your norm (ie cauliflower rice vs white rice)? We definitely need to figure out a healthier way to eat our favorites if we can!


  • earlnabby
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    When I make stews and want to reduce the carbs a bit I substitute turnips for the potatoes.
  • chris89topher
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    In place of pasta noodles, I like to use hearts of palm noodles. My brand of choice is Palmini (the linguine shaped ones). I love them. Very pasta-y for very little calories.
  • yweight2020
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    Sometimes I eat whole grain rice instead of white rice, other than that there aren't many substitutes I care for or like. So for the most part I have my favorites in moderation just not to often, I have to enjoy my food in order to eat and to keep at calorie reduction to lose the rest of these pounds and even moving into maintenance. If I don't enjoy my food I will relapse into crazy eating patterns to regain all the weight.
  • I think this kind of depends on your definition of " healthier ".

    Probably the best substitute though is water, in place of anything else.

    I eat Carnivore, so the foods I eat don't really substitute other foods that were harmful to me.. since the foods which were harmful were carbs. I would probably consider the substitutes to be harmful to me as well.

    I don't think eggs instead of cereal is really a substitute. More of a replacement.

    These substitutes are interesting though, and obviously healthier is better. I think they will help others get ideas.

  • mirianyusm
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    I like to cook and bake but I don't substitute anything except sometimes I use Sucanat (a less processed sugar) instead of sugar. I weight everything and I eat smaller portions. The only thing I usually substitute is Greek yoghurt for sour cream. I also use almond or coconut milk in smoothies but I use whole milk for everything else: i.e. for coffee, to make bechamel sauce, to add to mashed potatoes, etc. If I didn't do this it would not be sustainable for me. I don't usually make fried food but seldomly I do. Instead of fries I usually do oven fries with potatos, sweet potatos, beets, parsnips. Now, when I eat out, that's when I think of healthier choices because restaurant and processed foods are more caloric than home made foods. I lost 50 pounds so far and counting. Good luck to you.
  • kshama2001
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    I use less full fat dairy, salad dressing, and mayo and more fat-free cottage cheese.

    I eat more non-starchy veggies and less starches. For example, instead of "cauliflower rice," I'd have over 100 g regular steamed cauliflower and 75 g rice. I weigh my low calorie veggies to help me eat more of them.

    I find the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate visualization helpful:


    (I do eat plenty of boiled/baked potatoes, but agree with them about limiting French fries.)
  • Ob30470z
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    Know this post is a little old now, but UK people (don't know whether available elsewhere), lo dough is amazing, Hippeas are great when I REALLY want some crisps lol, Lizza low carb pasta, and then despite all my life HATING cauliflower, I have realised I love cauliflower mash (when made properly) and I use this instead of mash potatoes, but on the top of pies also :o)
  • Bridgie3
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    I couldn't find full fat sugar free fruit yoghurt. so I make my own with frozen blueberries, plain sugar free greek yogurt, and a 1/2 tsp of fake sugar. so good. It's my pudding and I look forward to it every day.
  • nooshi713
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    I often use monk fruit instead of sugar in my tea and coffee. I eat the protein pasta and higher protein tortillas. When baking, I often substitute applesauce for some of the oil and save a lot of calories. I am also a fan of using Greek yogurt in place of sour cream.
  • yirara
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    I often substitute skyr for lots of other dairy things in cooking, even milk (yeah, the taste is different, but often fits). If it fits the dish I sometimes substitute skyr and a bit of desiccated coconut for coconut milk. The calorie effect is surprisingly profound as I need a lot less of my substitute to get a similar taste. If i eat a stew or soup with bread then I do check beforehand what kind of bread, as some are very high in calorie, like chiabatta compared to baguette. Other than that: nothing really.
  • Xellercin
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    I don't do substitutes, I prefer to find recipes that are designed to be made with healthy, nutrient dense ingredients instead of trying to make an imitation of something.

    If I want a meat lovers pizza on flour crust, I'll just have a meat lovers pizza, but I won't have it often. If I want to eat cauliflower, I'm going to make a delicious roasted harissa cauliflower and chickpea dish served over kale and brown rice that's been drizzled with lemon tahini sauce.

    I personally prefer to keep my old favourites exactly as they are, and no find new favourites in the vast culinary world that exists out there.
  • Skyler103
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    One of my favorite subs is a low carb tortilla I've found. La Banderita is the brand. I save so many calories with my soft tacos that I get to have extra guacamole!