Fit After Menopause (With Pics)

Ladies, I'm hitting menopause and I'm down about it because it just seems harder to stay fit! I'm noticing that I'm carrying 15 or 20 extra pounds and my waist is a little bigger than it's ever been. I am getting my diet and exercise strategy back in line, but it's hard to feel motivated. I'm worried that it's just not going to be possible to feel fit and sexy after menopause and I need inspiration. I would love to hear STORIES from fit women past menopause and especially PICTURES. Show me your strong, fit, beautiful selves and inspire me with what my future can hold!


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    In order to lose one pound, you need a deficit of 3500 calories. Check out your BMR and make sure you eat less than that each day. Get 30 minutes of activity every day. Start today. Focus on every day being DAY ONE.

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    I'm the "before" picture right now, lol, so no inspiration but tons of sympathy. I'm in the same boat; I've gained 15lbs since APRIL and I'm not sure how much of it is menopause vs pandemic but something's gotta' give before it's my sanity. :)
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    i love this . This is the thread i needed. I am perimenopause or whatever but I am stoked to know that others have gone before me . I can do this wo hooww9e04zzm1dl.jpg
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    Amazing accomplishment!! You are an inspiration to keep on trying
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    I'm in the same boat. Thanks for this post!
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    I never went through natural menopause due to having my ovaries removed, but the weight gain was a huge struggle after that, and I went very quickly from 150 to 170. Dieting and exercise just didn't seem to work for me, but my brother told me he had decided to lose a little weight and started fasting every other day. He lost the 20 pounds he was looking to lose, so I gave it a try. Not being quite as dedicated as he was, I was fasting 36 hours at a time starting Sunday night at 8pm and not eating again before 8am on Tuesday, then repeat with no food after 8pm on Tuesday until after 8am on Thursday. On Tuesday, Thursday & Friday I ate small portions of mostly protein meals but did allow Saturday and Sunday to be days I could eat what and when I wanted. I also walked 3 times a day, each walk was a 15 minute mile. It took from May - August to go from 168 down to 140, and now I maintain the weight with eating dinner everyday (healthy choices) and I still allow Saturday and Sunday as "free" days. My walks continue as well, and this seems to have worked for me.