Things People Say to You When You've Lost Weight....



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    Kind of a different angle on the same topic... the very same person who harangued me for being too fat as a kid last night urged me to stop losing weight. I've been maintaining the same weight since college... 30+years (pregnancy excluded). My mom. She sure gave me a head full of disordered thinking about my body. I guess some moms feel it is their prerogative to comment. She tramples over all kinds of other boundaries, though, so maybe it's not a mom thing but a personality thing. Definitely better not to comment on physical characteristics. I mean, if someone shows up with a cast on their leg, I feel it's ok to express concern. "You seem happy," is a nice thing to say and not tied to particular physical characteristics.

    My response is always, "Thanks. I work at it. Every day. Consistently."
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    Worst comment “You looked fat when I first met you, you look better now” 😐. No lie someone said that me. Nicer comment “How much more weight you dropping?! You look good!” 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    I lost most of my weight while working from home during covid lockdowns. When I returned to the office people would often say 'you're looking really well'. It took me a while to realise it was because of my weight loss.

    People I am really close to have been really positive and celebrated my weight and fitness achievements with me. They've taken the lead from me, which I appreciated.
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    Nicest comment from BIL that I haven't seen in two years: "You look so vibrant and young! Retirement agrees with you." (I retired a year ago)

    Another nice comment from a SIL who is normally not very tactful: "You look just like your daughter. I almost mistook you for her."

    I haven't had anything that I would consider bad comments so far. Probably because I don't get out that much - lol.
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    kshama2001 wrote: »
    I once told my doctor, "I've lost 20 pounds!" to which she replied, "Was that intentional?" which I found odd at the time, especially given my tone of voice, the fact that I still had a lot of weight to lose, and that I wasn't sick.

    I have a new primary with whom I am meeting for the first time today. I plan to tell her I've lost 35 pounds this year and see how she responds.

    Any doctor who doesn't ask that isn't doing their job. You could be excited about the loss and it still be unintentional. And regardless of how you feel or how much one you need to lose, unintentional weight loss can be a massive red flag for underlying health problems.

    This is why I always tell any doctor I see about my "intentional weight loss". I specifically word it that way so they know this was intentional and not a potential indicator of something.
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    I work in a pretty respectful environment and no-one really mentions it at all.
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    If the comment you receive seems positive or the person seems to mean well: say thanks. No need to elaborate.

    If it does not seem positive/well meaning your response should be: what a rude thing to say!