Open Diary

Needing motivation and would like to find as many friends as possible that have open diaries. Let’s encourage each other!


  • lantana411
    lantana411 Posts: 99 Member
    I am in it for the long haul. I lost a lot of weight and put some back on, so now I'm on the journey to lose what I've gained. I am resolute in getting back to feeling like myself and so far have lost 17 pounds. I would LOVE to be MFP friends with people who want to give/get motivation to focus on healthy eating and outlook! Please add me as your friend. Thanks!
  • callsitlikeiseeit
    callsitlikeiseeit Posts: 8,633 Member
    my diary is open but im maintaining right now so is empty LOL I'll start logging again in january, which is also when i begin training for a spartan, so... i dont know what my calorie goal will look like as it will depend on my workouts each day. Regardless... everything will be logged LOL

    I dont care if you add me, but I will warn you, I am not the friend for everyone. I am very supportive, and off and on all day, so see most things, but I swear like a sailor and ramble incessantly about my life, and not just about diet and weight crap. I have an awesome group of friends who are pretty much the same. You are welcome to board to crazy train and hop off if you so choose.
  • Nursegirl_jax
    Nursegirl_jax Posts: 49 Member
    Hi! I love to cook and am always on the lookout for meal ideas. Hope I can be of encouragement to you too!
  • chargersfan67
    chargersfan67 Posts: 16 Member
    I am in the same boat!! We got this! Would love the support too. Not exactly sure how to add friends, but you can add me!
  • amybg1
    amybg1 Posts: 631 Member
    If your diary is open and you're honest and planning on losing the healthy way by all means feel free to add.

    If you're planning on losing by starving yourself though don't bother adding me