MFP gave me an Xtra Calorie allowance today.

(To preface.. I have been using MFP and Fitbit together for tracking, about a year) This morning before I had even done anything and went into the app to log breakfast, MFP had given me an extra +800 calorie allowance for "Fitbit excercise. I keep syncing my fitbit.. now it's evening, and although I haven't gotten but about 5k steps.. which MFP recognizes, but for my 5k steps says I now have +1300 calories I can spend today on my 1500 calorie diet. Any thoughts?

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  • akdonahey
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    Same. Don't have the answer though. I was hoping someone had figured it out by now.
  • curtiskruger
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    Mine shows an extra 2104 calories, almost as if it is taking the whole amount and not subracting from the total. Started today 12/13
    Edit: An easy way to know your total, is to check your Fitbit total calories and just make sure your MFP calories are either under, over, or the same; depending on what you trying to achieve.
    Edit 2: They are doing maintenance with the steps service
  • It appears I also have extra calories for the day.

    It seems that my displayed daily calorie count is EXACTLY the same as the WEEKLY calorie count. So, essentially, it has added yesterday's calorie to today's and displaying the total as my daily total?

    Not too wordy of an explanation I hope.

    Also a bit relieved that it's not just me, and is likely a bug in the system or update. I hope it's not the new way f doing things though. Would be time to find a new tracking app.

  • I've been seeing this too - Hopefully they fix it soon!
  • fit19gramma
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    Me too…Fitbit charge
  • westy666
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    Getting the same for yesterday (13th Dec) but I'm using Garmin and I've got an extra 3480cals remaining. Today seems to be ok so far.

    Suspect something hasn't synced up properly after the maintenance yesterday.
  • minniestar55
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    This happened yesterday, but just back from the gym & none of my FitBit calorie expenditure is registering on todays total so I have zero despite syncing FitBit several times. From one extreme to the other!
  • minniestar55
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    Found on Twitter 8bkdudt94en7.png
  • curtiskruger
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    The issue has been resolved for me - I had to uninstall the MFP app and reinstall, then had to reconnect my Fitbit with the app - Calories look right on now.