Anyone indian here?

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Is there anyone whos indian, i need indian recipes if anyone knows.
Am new at cooking found so hard to cook recipes in the app, cause so many things that aren't available here in india, so please anyone guide please.


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    I don’t see much posted here in the way of Indian food or recipes but if you check Reddit there’s a couple of subreddits that you may find helpful: meal prep Sunday is one and if you search for Indian food, +recipes etc you should find a decent number of posts.
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    Are you talking about the recipes that the staff posts and show up when you log in? There may be an Indian dish in there occasionally, but you’re right, many of the ingredients won’t be available to you.

    I would do a google search on low fat or low calorie x where x is the name of the dish you like. Or search for a website that focuses on that topic. I entered “low calorie Indian food recipes” in google and these are some of the sites I found.

    Good luck!

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    I'm not Indian but I have spent a lot of time in India and am aware of the kind of food that's available.
    Where in India are you?
    Wherever you are the access to fresh ingredients is amazing and diverse and cheap 😊
    Which is what you want.
    The MFP recipes are pretty difficult to make for anyone outside the US.
    I'm in the UK and I don't have access to a lot of the ingredients or even know what half of them are 🤣
    Stick to the fresh produce readily available in India and take some of the calories out of traditional recipes.
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    Tarla Dalal has tons of amazing good recipes! You can google her.