45 days to go

Hi all,

So I just signed up for Winter Skills course in the beginning of February. So need to get fit. It's 48 days to go but i'm keeping the last 3 for resting, traveling to the course etc.

In next 45 days I want to be able to do endurance climbing 15', be able to run 25 mins without a break and also logging food/eat clean as much as I can within this period of time.

Every day i post:
a) motivation for the day - what keeps me going
b) what I did to get closer to be ready for the course
c) obstacles I faced

Feel free to join and share your goals. The more, the merrier.

Looking forward meeting you here.


  • My input for today:

    1) Super motivated since booking the course
    2) Made space in my calendar for exercising, started today with a bit of HIIT and will do some stretching in the evening.
    3) None for today
  • Yesterday:
    1) Motivated as we went indoor climbing, could feel it's affecting me putting on weight
    2) Climbed for a few hours, did my best in projecting
    3) Left my lunch home (eww) and Cafe was closed. My friend gave me at least naked bar but still got home and ate way too much
  • Yesterday:
    1) Tbh, spent all day outside working at an event. Was quite chilly so I was thinking it's good for adjusting myself for winter.
    2) No exercise, was working 14 hours but at least it wasn't sedentary. Also, had Huel with me, especially we only had 1 20 mins break.
    3) Had instant noodles when I got home, despite having some healthier food, I wanted some comfy dinner.