How did you make it through Christmas without gaining ?

How did you make it through Christmas and the Holiday without gaining weight? See my blog for some tips if your interested.


  • Machka9
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    Pretty much normal eating all month plus a bit of extra exercise during this weekend.
  • ninerbuff
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    Ate just above normal calories by a little. Up a couple, but nothing to fear since most of it is water from all the extra sodium consumed.

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  • Sand_TIger
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    I decided to be at maintenance for the holiday season so I had a few more calories to play with. For Christmas I had a reasonable dinner and just made as much as my spouse and I could eat. That way there wouldn't be a massive amount of leftovers. I expect to have gained a couple pounds in water weight but I also expect for it to leave pretty quickly, doing the math on my actual overage I couldn't have gained more than a few ounces in actual fat, if that. So basically I just enjoyed myself and didn't overdo it.
  • sigsby
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    I indulged but I watched my portion size.
  • Cozgirl40
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    I gained .6lb. I did my normal exercise routine and my usual meals up to, and including Christmas eve. My son in law prepares Christmas dinner every year and each course is a plated portion (including dessert). No helping yourself to seconds lol. I enjoyed every bite.
  • Lietchi
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    I ate an estimated 3000kcal on Christmas Eve, 2700kcal on Christmas and 2500 calories yesterday. Probably nearly 2000 calories over maintenance. I enjoyed everything, in relative moderation.
    My weigh-ins on the 25th, 26th and this morning were the opposite of what you'd expect:

    Part of that drop will be from my period ending, but I'm guessing there's other water weight weirdness going on to explain it. In any case, not much indication that I gained any significant bodyfat.

    Other times when I have a high calorie day, I will see an increase the day or days after, but that won't stick around if I get back to my regular eating and working out.
  • kjratliff55
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    I have a daily Calorie Goal Which I adhere to.
    Yes, I may go a little over or under but I monitor and stay within 10% (weekly average).