56 and starting a new

Good afternoon everyone my names is Kimbolist just made 56 in November, i've been with my pal for while learning about nutrishes foods I'm looking for a support female partner same age. Thank you Gods blessings.


  • tufntender
    tufntender Posts: 98 Member
    Hello, welcome. Glad to meet ya. I am the same age and have been somewhat up and down, when I log I am usually pretty good but sometimes I fall off the wagon, but, I just shake it off and try again. You may add me as a friend if you wish. Happy holidays!
  • sigsby
    sigsby Posts: 220 Member
    Hello, I'm not a female but I am 50 and just started this journey again myself. Feel free to add me.
  • selinorm
    selinorm Posts: 1 Member
    I 'm with you. I've been on and off Fitness Pal and exercise/diet programs forever. Now I'm 74. I weigh more than I ever have ( thank you COVID) and feel that it might be too late. But I am not going to succumb to those feelings and have decided to get healthy, before my body gives out on me. The one thing about getting older is you have to fight harder to blast through the habits of a lifetime. I have an online support group through the VA and I would love to add my comments and support to this group of "Older" fitness novices.
  • renaedar
    renaedar Posts: 518 Member
    Hi I am the same age and have lost 47 pounds this year after all the times I told myself I had to get this weight off! I still have 40 more pounds to lose. Please add me and we can work together on getting healthy in 2022!
  • onlyjoynow
    onlyjoynow Posts: 2 Member
    I just turned 56 in Dec, just rejoined here, need to get back on track after losing some in 2020 and maintaining 2021...still have alot to go!
  • wi90tl5489
    wi90tl5489 Posts: 6 Member
    I just rejoined MFP as well - and I turn 56 in a few short weeks. I have 50 pounds to lose. Starting over, lost 15 last year at this time but gained it all back due to life interfering.
  • Knyvern
    Knyvern Posts: 182 Member
    I am 53 and I have been back and forth with this journey over the last few years. I have 50 lbs to lose. I too could use some support.
  • rubypallas
    rubypallas Posts: 21 Member
    Hello! I am 53, spent the last year and a half losing 140lbs. Have been enjoying my new body, mindset and life. But alas, all the enjoying has kept me stuck with 70lbs! So it's time to recommit, put the party away for later and get this done! Thank you
  • Michelle9912
    Michelle9912 Posts: 18 Member
    Good Morning- I just turned 50 this year and have been with the pal since 2017. I’v been inconsistent with tracking these last couple years and want to get back on the wagon. Looking for motivation from other like minded folks. Cheers to 2022! Looking forward to a happy and healthy new year!!
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