What's your main 2022 goal?

What is your number one goal that you refuse to not be successful with?

Mine is I'm gonna hit 185 BW and maintain it. And gonna place top 3 in comp this year!


  • killergazecode
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  • NorthCascades
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    Azurite and Abernathy Peaks.
  • ADC0809
    ADC0809 Posts: 24 Member
    Keep strength training until I need to add a new set of weights to my collection.
  • minnelizzy
    minnelizzy Posts: 45 Member
    Healthy numbers! My blood pressure and pulse have been reading high at my last couple visits and the scale has crept up accordingly. Time to reset and get everything back into a healthy range 👍🏽
  • mowu
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    @minnelizzy: I can only agree with that goal - I am in the same position
  • Alinouveau2
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    Workout more, lose 10 pounds. Get back into shape...I let it slide the last quarter of the year I need to get ii back!
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 28,239 Member
    Alive, upright, healthy, independent. Wait, that's 4, already! None of them guaranteed at any age, but especially not at mine (66). Also, lots of on-water rowing.

    If the pandemic will calm down enough for me to feel comfortable with it, going to rowing camp again would be fun, too.
  • Djproulx
    Djproulx Posts: 2,973 Member
    Plan to lose the extra 15 lbs that I put on while injured in 2019-20.

    Two biggest reasons to drop the weight:

    If I'm leaner, I can be competitive at sprint and Olympic distance triathlon races. And at 64 years old, I need to watch my cholesterol and A1C.
  • Kupla71
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    Reach my goal of 130lbs. I need to lose 30 lbs to get there. I think I can do it! 😃
  • makinlifehappen
    makinlifehappen Posts: 110 Member
    Just to keep going forward. So long as the scale keeps going down I won't complain much about my weight.
  • DownsizingSam88
    DownsizingSam88 Posts: 106 Member
    I have a few-
    5k in under 30 minutes (current PB is 31:47 from memory, but I’ve only just got back to it after I had a back problem, so will take me a little while to build back up to it)
    Comfortably be able to complete a full set of proper push ups with good form (currently I can’t even do one!)
    Get to my goal weight of 60Kg give or take a few kgs (will assess as I get closer, 65 puts me at the high end of a healthy BMI)
  • watts6151
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    Stepping on stage, started originally prepping on January 1st 2020, every time since then either we go into lockdown or the shoe gets postponed
  • tegass1994
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    Lose belly fat and cellulite. Gain some muscles and stamina. Run 10k.
  • dekrugermolly
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    I am trying to get into a healthy BMI range, which is also to lose about 40lbs. And my goal is to stay sober this year. Good luck everyone! We got this! 🎉
  • SuzanneC1l9zz
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    Some recomp. Doesn't have to be a lot... I know it's slow at the best of times and I have some physical limitations, but some visible muscle change in progress photos.
  • adassart58
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    I exercise every week and eat correctly but no change in weight. Someone told me to change my exercise program body is use to it. Is this true?
  • AnnPT77
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    adassart58 wrote: »
    I exercise every week and eat correctly but no change in weight. Someone told me to change my exercise program body is use to it. Is this true?

    Improbable, though increasing exercise increases calorie expenditure, might be helpful that way. Your body doesn't burn fewer calories because it "gets used to" an exercise - it just feels easier as you get fitter, and your fitness tracker may give a lower estimate because a fit heart moves more blood per beat. Outfits like Beachbody try to sell that "body confusion" mythology in order to sell more programs. If you want advice about how to make progress, it would be a good idea to start a thread yourself asking for advice. Burying the question in an unrelated thread like this is likely to result in less help.