It's been a busy year! Almost 170 pounds lost

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Though it's been hectic, I've still been keeping up with the fitness goals (though I always forget to track them here now), training, eating right, even published a book (not fitness related). I met every single one of my goals in 2021, and while I still have about 25 or so more pounds to lose, I'm at a place I never thought I'd be. I bought my first large shirt, since XL's are now too big, and when I look at the comparison, it still blows my mind.

You always see before and afters of other people, but you never think it could actually happen to you... that you would transform and look like a completely different person. I can't even recognize the person in this image. It's just surreal.

Here's to 2022! I've got a lot more goals to meet this year and more muscle to build.



  • JBanx256
    JBanx256 Posts: 1,479 Member
    Amazing work!
  • fatguy_fitness
    fatguy_fitness Posts: 195 Member
    Wow, congratulations! What an inspiration!
  • mothermoose116
    mothermoose116 Posts: 20 Member
    Wow! Great effort- that's a huge transformation!
  • moad85
    moad85 Posts: 3 Member
    edited January 2022
    dude! well done, that is a LOT of hard work there... amazing!
  • AngWBald
    AngWBald Posts: 59 Member
    WOW !! That's great work. I can really see it everywhere. I noticed your arms. Very well defined! Keep up the good work!
  • oakster69
    oakster69 Posts: 55 Member
    Great work and commitment. I am very happy that you are finding happiness in your success. Keep it up
  • JustRamona
    JustRamona Posts: 398 Member
    I ditto all the adjectives from the people before me! great job!
  • bluesrockerman
    bluesrockerman Posts: 21 Member
    Super awesome!
  • SunshineFlGirl
    SunshineFlGirl Posts: 200 Member
    That's incredible! I hope you feel healthy and strong for many years to come!
  • mirianyusm
    mirianyusm Posts: 89 Member
    Great job! To 2022!
  • jenshaines
    jenshaines Posts: 1,155 Member
    Congratulations! You must feel like you're walking on air! (Air Jordans, maybe?) 😁
  • Rodney_Mckay
    Rodney_Mckay Posts: 32 Member
    Amazeballs! May I ask, I've read in your previous post that you have cut out meat, how do you keep up with your protein needs and about how much protein do you aim for?
    FABRICWOMAN Posts: 539 Member
    Wowza Wowza - you are the man. You look so healthy and happy. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  • mlbakst
    mlbakst Posts: 2 Member
    Wow! I'd never think it was the same person. Amazing! Congratulations!!!
  • WailingDusk
    WailingDusk Posts: 58 Member
    Amazeballs! May I ask, I've read in your previous post that you have cut out meat, how do you keep up with your protein needs and about how much protein do you aim for?

    I used to eat a lot of protein via eggs, powder, lentils, legumes, seitan, and so on, about 150+g of complete protein a day (so it is very possible). Since January 1st I've ramped up the workouts and introduced chicken breast into my diet, while still eating whole foods and lots of vegetables/complex carbs. I keep most processed food out of my diet, and I don't go to fast food restaurants anymore.

    Going plant based was actually really helpful to me, because it was a way for me to eat a lot of food still, feel full, and consume nowhere near the calories I would if I ate the same amount of food that was processed or meat-based. Even now that I've started eating chicken breast, I eat a half a breast a day for 5 days and keep it plant based on the weekends.

    I'm still not sure if I will continue eating chicken breast or not. It's nice to not have to eat as much as I was though, or gulp down pea protein powder multiple times a day to get the same amount of protein. SO we'll see.
  • deckerp
    deckerp Posts: 4,365 Member
    I read a good book that talks about nutrition and exercise.

    You reminded me of it when you mentioned eating "whole" foods and cutting out "processed" foods. Read the book and see what is said about that.
  • Blessed1555
    Blessed1555 Posts: 4 Member
    Very Inspiring! Well done!
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