Women 200lb+, Let's Start Strong This January!!!



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    Urghhh. Scale jump this morning, 90% sure it's water/hormones/food in transit, still gotta fight the cultural programming impulse to Feel Bad About Bigger Number. It's just data, trust the process, periods suck but bodies gonna body how bodies do.

    I saw something in a weight-loss Discord I'm part of that I wanted to share here, in case this approach helps anyone else. In this user's case, she was getting kind of burnt out/frustrated when it came to dinner, trying to measure and log everything while cooking for the family was requiring just too much mental energy to be sustainable. She decided she would focus her tracking and logging energy on breakfast and lunch, really tighten that all the way down (which was less difficult because she generally ate the same things for those meals day-to-day), with a goal of breakfast/lunch/snacks totaling 1000 cal/day, and then just let dinner be what it is. Her reasoning was that her dinner, no matter what she cooked or ate out at restaurants, was usually in the 600-800 calorie range anyhow; even if she maxed out her budget for breakfast and lunch and snacks, at worst she might hit maintenance for the day, which is no great tragedy. But giving herself permission to not worry about that one meal seems to be making it easier to stick to her plan the rest of the time. I like the concept, it's kind of like intuitive eating with training wheels - at this point, for me, measuring and logging while cooking dinner is not difficult, but I think I'll keep the idea in my back pocket just in case.
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    CW: 210.2 lbs
    GW: 160 lbs
    January GW: 204.2 lbs

    Height: 5'-8 1/2"
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    By any chance does anyone know of any protein/energy bars that don’t contain sugar alcohol? My favorite bars (which happen to be keto even though I’m not doing keto) are very expensive. They were $14.99 for 8 bars and they increased the price to $21.99! I don’t eat one everyday, but like to keep some in my desk. I’ve been looking up recipes to make bars at home, but just thought I’d ask here. Most “healthy” bars contain sugar alcohol which bothers my stomach.
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    @jazzadesigns I think that RXBars might be worth a try.They only have a few ingredients and they're very yummy. They can be a little pricey at regular stores, so I buy them at Costco and lately they've had a $4 off coupon there. Good luck on your search! 💜
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    @RavenStCloud thanks for the suggestion! I’ve seem them before but never tried them. I’ll have to look at Sam’s Club.🙂
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    Hi everyone!! Weighing in tomorrow, I've gotten in the habit since I started my journey in June of weighing on Wednesdays :) Here is to hoping for good things. I kind of doubt it for this week, I don't think I have done well with my intake , and I've been walking inside b/c is is very very cold, but that doesnt' feel like I've done enough. We shall see!
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    Age: 58
    Height: 5' 3"
    SW: 221 prior to joining MFP
    SW on MFP: 205 (7/5/21)
    SW for January: 197.2 (1/5/22)
    UGW: 149

    Weigh-ins will be Wednesdays
    1/5 197.2
    1/12 196.8

    I know I'm down but I am pretty disappointed this week. I was under my calorie goal every day, exercised 6 out of 7 days and the scale barely moves.
    I'll keep at it, at least I didn't gain.
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    Age: 61
    Height: 5'4"
    SW: 245
    CW: 180.2 (12/28/2021)
    1/4: 178.8
    1/14: 178.8
    GW for January 2022: 174.2
    UGW: 145 by end of August 1st, 2022
    My weigh-in day's are Tuesday's.

    Goals for 2022:
    - Plan what I will eat each morning and track everything I eat.
    - Drink 6 glasses of water a day
    - Read 1 book a month
    - Clean out my Closet my March 1st.
    - Reach my goal weight by August 1st
    - Walk 3000 steps per day
    - Try 1 new recipe a month.
    - Update F2F Daily
    - Keep up with F2F 40 things to do in 2022!
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    @sargemarcori Thanks so much!!! ❤
  • drj63
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    @sandielewis2001 Wow that is an amazing weight loss! You inspire me!! It's obvious you've got an amazing attitude and determination!
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    Happy Friday, ladies!

    Here's a reminder to schedule your annual well-woman visit with your gyno. I went in yesterday for my pap (an old roommate referred to it as "the yearly crank-n-scrape," which I kind of love) and told the doc that my period is back after losing 50 lbs. She congratulated me on the weight loss, and everything else went pretty well, too. Now I just hope the lab doesn't lose my pap stick again so I have to go in for another one next week or something, bleh (happened when I went in to have my Nexplanon replaced at the end of 2019). I so appreciate that she's supportive of me wanting to get sterilized - they're going to book a surgery consult for a tubal ligation around Septemberish, with I think the plan to actually do the procedure in December around the time when I go in to have my Nexplanon removed. That's kind of my "big reward" for reaching GW, since I know I'll have an easier time with any kind of surgery at ~150lb versus 250 - I do not ever want to be pregnant, nothing but respect for those who choose to grow whole entire new humans from scratch, that's an amazing thing for a body to do, but it's not for me. And now that I'm over 30 and married, it shouldn't be too much of a fight to get it done, I hope.