Has anyone read How Not to Diet by Michael Greger?

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This was recommended by a friend as a good book in general about health. I have absolutely no opinion about it, but seems intriguing. My time is very limited though, so has anyone read it? Is it worth the time and money or is it one more pseudo-science way to collect money?


  • dmkoenig
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    People tend to have very strong opinions about Dr. Greger, depending on what you think of veganism. Greger brings in a lot of legitimate science into his point of view and his 3-4 minute videos on Nutritionfacts.org on a wide variety of subjects are really interesting and compelling. But he tends to be selective in choosing his scientific studies as you know if it has anything to do with showing the benefits of anything other than plant-based you are not going to get it there. The cookbook of course is based on his vegan diet preferences and as such its very healthy, and he's brought in quality culinary contributors so I think it's a very good source of plant-based recipes. I consider myself to be flexitarian - about 80% plant-based so I'm on board with most of what he offers up, but I still like my cheese, yogurt, fish and occasional meat. For 15 bucks his cookbooks are good options to consider to extend your vegan recipe options. If you allow dairy, I'd highly recommend the Love Real Food cookbook by Kathryne Taylor. She also has a terrific recipe blog site cookieandkate.com if you want to get a sense of her style. She freely uses dairy but also provides vegan and gluten-free substitute options for all her recipes. Happy cooking!