Hurray! This is huge for me…

I made it to the end of a very stressful day during which I faced severe anxiety as I worked in the COVID unit. Made it to bedtime without having alcohol or binge eating to cope, and I still have calories to spare. This is pretty freaking fantastic for me.


  • Hollis100
    Hollis100 Posts: 1,408 Member
    edited January 2022
    Congrats and well done, AmyLS2022! That's what it takes to form new habits, making changes one day at a time. A heartfelt thanks for your work taking care of the sick during this historic pandemic.
  • lacylucy1935
    lacylucy1935 Posts: 73 Member
    One day & meal at a time, you will get there! :)
  • mirianyusm
    mirianyusm Posts: 89 Member
    That is awesome! And thank you for your work.
  • poisonesse
    poisonesse Posts: 572 Member
    Fantastic NSV! You've got this, AmyLS2022!
  • sargemarcori
    sargemarcori Posts: 301 Member
    Great job taking care of you!
  • springlering62
    springlering62 Posts: 7,885 Member
    Thank You!!!!! My newborn granddaughter just got out of a few days in the Children’s hospital (non Covid related.). My anxious daughter described it as the third circle of hell. So many sick children, beds in hallways, waiting room.

    I don’t think the rest of us have any concept of what you folks have dealt with. Y’all are saints, imho.

    SIL may now have it, despite all precautions.

    We forget how contagious it is to those of you cooped up there. After the first wave of “healthcare heroes”excitement we went back to taking you for granted. Shame on us.

    Thank you again!!!!!
  • suzij27
    suzij27 Posts: 199 Member
    Way to go! Stress and exhaustion are often triggers for me wanting food for comfort. Having the right mindset to prepare myself before the urge hits has really helped me.
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