How many hours of sleep do yall get?

matt9712 Posts: 50 Member
It's always been said that you should get 8 hours of sleep. Is that even humanly possible? Haha... I average about 6 hours a night and seem to be fine (although that's just my opinion and others may have different opinion of me lol). How many hours do yall get?


  • Chef_Barbell
    Chef_Barbell Posts: 6,346 Member
    Minimum 8 hours for me. I get cranky with not enough sleep.
  • matt9712
    matt9712 Posts: 50 Member
    Well guess I'm an oddball lol. I'm def envious of yall sleep
  • willboywonder
    willboywonder Posts: 86 Member
    I struggle to get enough sleep. On average I get about four hours of sleep nightly. Doesn't matter what time I go to bed. I always wake up after about four hours and I lay there till it's time to get up for the day. At least I get rest. I stay in bed meditating.
  • cwolfman13
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    Usually around 8ish. I usually head to bed around 9:30 and read for 30 minutes or so and usually lights out by 10 PM. I get up usually around 6 AM. Times are give or take 15 minutes or so depending.
  • SomeMFPuser
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    On average, 6-7 hours nightly. About 4 of it is uninterrupted, the rest is not great.
  • yirara
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    I usually go to bed around 22:00 (meaning I get up, walk towards bedroom, etc..), and currently my alarm goes off at 7:30 (apart from weekends, where I might still wake up at 7:30). According to my smart watch I get about 7-8hrs of sleep per night. Quite honestly, I'd love to have a bit more but it's ok for me.
  • Xellercin
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    Yes, I get 7-9 hours of sleep almost every night.
    I don't eat before bed, I don't drink alcohol, I minimize my blue light after 5pm, I take magnesium every evening, and I have blackout blinds.

    That said, some people, even with perfect sleep hygiene will never get 8 hours because their bodies legitimately don't need it.
  • westrich20940
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    I typically get in bed by like 9-10pm but probably don't actually fall asleep until ~10:30/11pm. My alarm goes off at ~7am.

    However, I wake up usually in that time.

    Most adults *should get 7-9 hours of sleep. So you're not terrible at 6hrs.

    However, as someone who's struggled with can function on far too little sleep. It's awful... but it can be done. It's also *really really bad for you.

    I'd just point out that just because you 'feel' good or rested doesn't mean that your body was able to do all of the things it needed during sleep (which for some functions is the only time they can be done). So, it's worth trying to get into the recommended range, at least somewhat IMO.

    I'm more jealous of people who can fall asleep super fast and stay asleep. If I could do that I'm sure I'd feel great on 6hrs too lol.
  • ythannah
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    Pre-puppy 7-8 hours average
    Post-puppy 5-7 hours average

    Those super early mornings are seldom since he's almost 1 now but they kick my butt when they happen!


    He's adorable!!!!!! <3

    I was going to post my little brindle Cardigan guy but imgur isn't cooperating.
  • Taytaylynn92
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    I’m typically around 5 1/2hrs
  • ehju0901
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    Usually around 6, but I do get a few that are only 4-5 hours. I work two jobs and it really messes with my sleep schedule sometimes.
  • Bridge_marie
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    Depends on the day/evening. 5-7
  • cmtran85
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    On average, about 6-7. I wish I got the full 8 hours every single night, but my mind and body just know when to wake up. I've always been a very early riser, so even on nights I don't get to bed until 10pm or later, I cannot sleep in past 5am. I don't think this messes with my ability to function though. I believe we all have slightly different sleep needs based on lifestyle and the way we are wired.