Looking for MFPers who have lost 10-30 pounds...



  • happimess01
    happimess01 Posts: 9,072 Member
    Lost 150 lbs, and have maintained a consistent weight of approx 165-170 lbs largely in part of this app. It's has made me much more food smart and I use it daily for every meal.mfg7j56ej500.jpg

    Wow, well done! How tall are you?
  • Leezy55
    Leezy55 Posts: 339 Member
    angnewcomb wrote: »
    I was mortified when my husband wanted me to take a before picture when I started my journey one year ago. These pictures are exactly one year apart! One year!! With diet and exercise I have lost 60 pounds of fat! Picture on the left was January 2021. Picture on the right is January 2022! I weigh measure and track all of my food with MFPeo1izcsstksp.jpg

    Congratulations on your 60 lb weight loss!
    I find your photos inspiring because it appears that we have the same body shape and I think I'll look somewhat like your body shape when I lose my 60 lb!
    How tall are you?
    Did you do it primarily by changing your eating habits? Or exercise?
    Thank you so much for the inspirational photos!
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