Beer on your days off.

Beer is so delicious when Friday afternoon comes and you busted your butt all week at work, but then Monday comes and you notice that all the beer you drank on Friday and Saturday puts all your weight back on. 😫


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    Ugh, this is so me! I try to watch how much I drink, I'm definitely a social drinker. It is frustrating for sure. My goal is to drink a glass or water in between every one. It slows down how much I drink and it helps to flush it out quicker. It worked this past weekend. I actually didn't gain anything and even lost a few tenths of a pound. Maybe give that a try. It is actually really hard for me to do, but I felt so much better this weekend b/c I stayed hydrated. Mornings were much easier too. :smile:
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    I have a delicious craft beer on my days off work. Properly accounted for in regards to calories, it doesn't impede my weight loss.
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    Maybe try throwing a few non alcoholic beers into the mix? They taste great, and typically have only 50 calories a bottle.
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    This is a MFP group I joined earlier this month. I set out to drink "Less" and have actually not drank since starting it. There's this really cool free program called "The Alcohol Experiment" that I am doing as well. There is a link to it in the first page of the "Drink less in January" group or you can google it. I also discovered a alcohol free brewery called Athletic Brewing Company. They make AMAZING craft beers under 70 calories! I'm in love!

    I personally needed to loose about 40lbs and also didn't like my relationship with alcohol so this has been a cool experiment for me. I have also lost 15lbs in 2 weeks!
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    It’s all about choices.
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    When I cut out alcohol I snack a lot less. over any Xmas I was drinking prosseco wine and beer and I swear it was the snacks I was consuming more of that led to weight gain. Then the next day I feel pretty in need of a hearty and not so healthy breakfast which would lead to some sort of calorie rich lunch and by dinner I would be using the holidays as another excuse! Now don’t get me wrong, a couple of days of this during the holidays is fine - but every weekend and I would be in trouble. Also can I state - I drink within the limit!!! Which again proved for me it’s not the drink per week it’s the habits around drinking.

    I literally cut my alcohol intake even though it was sporadic and I definitely noticed a change. And now I just calorie count much harder when I do have a drink and I build it in and make sure I don’t over snack. I also schedule an early morning workout!! Which involves operating something like a bike or weights in the gym and that helps too.
    But honestly I think just m count it into your calories and you will be fine. :)