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So I'm on day 6 into this and I'm doing good. But I've decided that I will only be doing monthly weigh ins. In the past when I had tried to do this journey I tend to get a little scale obsessed, to the point I will weigh myself 8-10 times a day and if it goes up at all (which I know is totally normal) I will freak out and beat myself up and well ,eventually quit. I don't want to do that this time. The hardest thing for me has been recognizing that this is going to take a long time! In the past I would always go so crazy and think I could loose like 80 pound in 2 months and well we all know that's just not how this works. Plus I don't want this to just be another diet I want to change my life style and my habits, it's not about a number on a scale. I know most people do at least weekly weigh ins to make sure they are on track and make changes if it reflects that maybe something isn't working, and that's great but given my history of becoming consumed by it I think I should avoid it till I'm farther into it and my life style changes are now habit. What do you guys think? Not sure why I'm posting this here guess cause I don't really have anyone in my life to talk to about these kinda things lol.


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    Yes, why not? How much do you have to lose? If it's not a lot then please also keep in mind that weight fluctuations can present over a month as well, and say you're trying to lose 0.5lbs per week. That's 2lbs per month. A bit more waterweight then, say from menstrual cycle, from having a little cold, new exercise, any reason really can mask the weightloss.
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    Weighing weekly works for me.

    Perhaps try weekly first.

    Compromise between multi daily and monthly

    Definitely not 8 -10 times per day - that is telling you nothing
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    Losing inches in 3 weeks and neck being way slimmer in 6 days??

    sorry to be wet blanket but I dont think changes happen that quickly.

    ETA unless posters meant they had been losing weight for a while by some other method and had only been using MFP for those short periods of time.
    Apologies if I misunderstood.
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    I remember having a discourse about this in late 2020 when I successfully lost 20 pounds in four months using MFP. A lot of people tried to convince me that daily weigh-ins were a good idea because of the data points. That didn’t make sense to me at the time because I was too influenced by the fluctuations of the scale and, psychologically, it wasn’t good for me if I didn’t lose weight between one day and the following day, even though I knew it was illogical because of all the other reasons weight can change or not change.

    Also, if I did gain weight from one day to the next, I didn’t see how it would help me to say, “oh, I ate a really salty meal yesterday and drank a lot of water - that’s why I’m heavier.” That kind of information seemed irrelevant to me personally. But I found that weekly works for me best, like others said, on the same day each week in the morning after you’ve use the bathroom and before you’ve had food. With eating at or under my calorie budget almost every day during that four months, and exercising 5 to 6 times a week, I was lucky in that I dropped weight between each weekly weigh in. If I happened to be on my period during weigh in day, I waited until the following week to weigh in. This was a huge boost to my motivation to continue logging calories, eating less and working out, even though these things were difficult.

    Seeing the number on the scale go down was a great motivator. For me, having to wait an entire month to watch the scale go down wouldn’t have been as motivating to keep me going with the dieting and the exercise.
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    karahm78 wrote: »
    One other idea is using a weight trending app like Happy Scale (iPhone) or Libra (Android). I used to be stressed by the ups and downs of the scale but I now weigh daily in the morning, naked, after using the restroom so conditions are as consistent as possible. I then look at the TREND vs changes from last weight. Long as I’m in the green I’m good. This REALLY made a difference in my mentality and freed me from that stress.

    Yes, I am a daily weigher and last year I'd have weeks when I didn't lose weight, but the yearly trend in Happy Scale was in the green, so I was happy.
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    No offense meant and none taken by me but yes, you can lose inches in just 3 weeks.
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    for almost everybody losing inches in 3 weeks is not going to happen.

    Unrealistic expectation of fat loss.
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    ginray1979 wrote: »
    No offense meant and none taken by me but yes, you can lose inches in just 3 weeks.

    So say you have your calories set to 1lbs loss per week. In 3 weeks you'd have lost 3lbs. It's quite possible that a larger part of that is from the neck so that it actually shows up on the tape measure, right? Would likely not happen for the majority of people, but lets just assume it does for someone. The surface area of the neck seems to be about 2% of the body surface area; for an average woman the surface area would be 1.6m^2. 2% of 1.6m^2 is 0.032m^2. 1lbs occupies a volume of 0,000494 m3, or 494cm^3, smeared out over a surface area of 320cm^2. That's ... something. It's unlikely to happen though as you lose fat everywhere. Plus I'd guess people that lose weight can be more body conscious, have a better posture, stand more upright. Stand like a bag of potatoes and measure your neck. Then stretch your self as long as possible and measure again. Notice the difference?
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    While I'm generally on the side of it being improbable (not impossible) to lose enough fat in 6 days to see significant changes in inches, I'd observe that if someone shifted from a salty, carb-intense way of eating to a more balanced way of eating (let alone going all the way to low carb/keto), the loss of water retention (not fat) will potentially contribute to changes in tape measurements, and those may vary individually.

    I note that PP - the one who mentioned quick changes in size - said "it maybe water weight but I still feel better about myself."

    I wouldn't encourage other people to expect major changes in inches in a short time period - that mostly doesn't happen, and patience is a more productive posture - but I'm not personally as inclined to question PP's fairly specific personal report as an n=1.

    But that's just me.
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    I do daily weigh ins just for the motivation. Well and accountability.