Looking for Accountability/Encouragement partners!

Hi there! I'm trying to find people who want to be accountable and encouraging to one another along our health journeys! I have been on/off MFP for over a decade...I just haven't done it alongside friends before, I think that's what was missing. WW did get something right ;) I just turned 40 and have about 20 lbs to lose...trying to eat mostly plant-based for health reasons. I work out but sometimes can't seem to get my food choices under control as easily. I'm also a mom and a wife of a junk food eater...Any of this sound familiar? Add me ;)


  • It does. I was married for 23 years and my ex and I were never on the same healthy eating plan at the same time and that was always a challenge for me. I would love to be a part of your network of support and encouragement. I also have been on and off this site for several years.
  • sarahharris8
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    You look GREAT! Way to go! I've lost and gained SO many lbs over the years...I get bored with maintaining or not losing to what I think I should weigh and eventually the weight creeps back on...UGH. I am trying to have a little more balanced approach this time around...
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    Hi! I’m Kim. I’m 48 and my best case goal is to lose 21 more pounds. But I’d be pretty happy to lose 16 more. I’m down 33 pounds using Noom, which has been great. But I’ve plateaued and heard about MFP so I thought I’d try this app to see if I can break my plateau. I like that I can use MFP to log food and I’ve set it up to communicate with Noom so it’s all connected. I’d love to have a small accountability/encouragement group here. 😊
  • cycling_kim
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    Should say I’m very new to this app and still learning how to connect with people here.
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    Hi, sometimes having accountabilty partners can help if your approach to fitness and weight loss are similar, that way you are on a similar wavelength. Not to strict or loose with the meal planning, since we know life can get in the way. Fortunately the major holidays are over with all the accompanying food temptations and spring is a good jumping off point for fitness goal setting. Establishing food boundaries with others can be a challenge but is doable. Mike Adams, the health ranger, said in his podcast he never drank alcohol all through college and just made a small joke about it and declined when offered, so it is about internal discipline and external finess with others to stay on track.
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    I'm 47 and I know the battle. I'd be glad to encourage you along the way!
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    Hi I’m 34 add me if you like
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    Hi, I have been a member on this site for a few years but only ever had a couple of friends added. No one i know tracks calories on here, so looking for firends for accountability and ideas.
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    I’m Matt, my goal is to change my life by permanently losing the fat that has lingered on my body for far too long, put on muscle like a 25 year old. I am looking for tips on how to keep going when I hit a wall.