Machine Blended drinks

Hi new here, does anyone know if it's a wise and healthy choice to drink a green machine or blue machine drink while trying to lose weight? Is there any benefits to it if you do?


  • AnnPT77
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    Do you enjoy them?
    Do you find them filling and satisfying?
    Do they contribute positively to meeting your calorie and nutrition goals for the day?
    Are they affordable and practical for you?

    If yes to all, include them in your eating. If yes to some, think about whether they're worth their calories to you in context of your total needs/wishes (essentially, can you meet your needs and feel full, etc., even if these items are lesser contributors in some respects than other alternative choices). If so, include them in your eating. If too many "no" answers, don't include them in your eating.

    I'd ask the same questions if you'd asked about donuts, tuna fish, broccoli, or anything else.

    Choose any combination of foods that keeps you full and satisfied, gives you reasonable total nutrition for the day, is tasty to you personally, and in total for the day meets your calorie goals. That would be a wise and healthy choice.

    Oh, and - Welcome to MFP: Wishing you much success here! 🙂
  • nooshi713
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    They will not help with weight loss in any way but they do have lots of nutrients. If you don’t eat many fruits and vegetables, juices and smoothies can be a good way to get those foods into your diet.
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    I have no idea what those are, but I'm assuming some kind of smoothie. I make smoothies pretty regularly, particularly in the warmer months...not so much in the winter. Lots of vitamins and minerals wrapped up in a quick breakfast for me...other than that, smoothies don't have any kind of magical weight loss powers or anything. They have calories just like everything else.