Women 200lb+, Let's Be Fierce This February!!!



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    @justanotherloser007 ”I tried to come up with ways to "reward" or "deal with stress". All too expensive for someone like me! I finally stuck with "spend time talking or just being with God". That helped me turn away from physical items that were inappropriate substitutes for what I really wanted and needed.”

    Beautifully stated. I went through a womens study called “Made to crave” by Lysa Turkeurst, several years ago. It was such an eye opener to how our relationship with food is directly related to our relationship with the lord. I think it can be said about any addiction: Food, alcohol, love, any addiction is a shallow, unfulfilling substitute for a meaningful relationship with God. He’s the one we’re suppose to seek comfort in when we’re stressed, sad, lonely, anxious. Not food or any other substitute.