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    2/14 - Saturday night I got sick to my stomach. Not sure what it was, but it passed pretty quickly. Felt really bloated and bleh. Feeling didn't go away yesterday and then superbowl on top of that. Not ideal on food. Back on track today. We are trying to move our closing day up to tomorrow as BF's sister's funeral is likely this coming weekend. Waiting on updated homeowner's policy to get that date pushed up and confirm new closing. Even if he's gone, I'll head out to the house and get some cleaning and painting prep work done. Things are crazy hectic right now.

    @CamandJarvis I am so sorry for the loss of BF Sister. That is a tough one. Many prayers and comforts wished for the family.

    Super excited for you for the closing and the keys. So much for you to do, and much on your own. What a trooper you are! Congrats again.
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    Speaking of comfort, last night we ate one of the three “Hello Fresh” meals I bought from a co-worker who couldn’t keep up with his regular shipment. The food is REALLY good. Cost is high and so are the calories.

    I love these! My husband and I use meal kits quite often. In terms of the calories, they have lots that are lower calorie if you seek them out (I realize you didn't do the ordering...) Since the food is so darn good, my husband and I basically pick the meals that are lowest calorie to make life easier on us.

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